The Dems’ Violent Radical Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Derek Hunter at Townhall

There’s something I say all the time, only because it’s true: Frankenstein’s monster always returns to the castle to destroy it.” There are many other ways to put it: chickens coming home to roost, you reap what you sow, etc., – and it’s all true. That adage came true again this weekend as left-wing mobs turned on left-wing cities that have elected left-wing politicians for generations, many in left-wing states, and burned much of them to the ground. The monster came home.

Conservatives have been warning about the dangers of Antifa and other left-wing groups for years. No one in the Democrat media listened.

More than that, they cheered them on; defended them. Why not? After all, they were chanting the right things and targeting the right people, from the left’s perspective.

No progressive group would condemn them: Black Lives Matter didn’t, the Women’s March didn’t, CNN didn’t. They were helpful in beefing up numbers and energy at protests and marches Democrats deemed helpful. What did it matter if they threw a few rocks or Molotov cocktails? They were throwing them at police, a group those silent partner groups had declared the enemy – “What do we want?” “Dead cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” They weren’t about to criticize their own team.

But now those team members have turned unhelpful, so it’s game on.

The radicals have become a liability, not because of the violence, per se, but because they aren’t targeting the violence in useful directions, and it’s all being caught on tape.

That Target that was looted didn’t hurt anyone, those AutoZones weren’t perpetuating “institutional racism,” they just existed. Those small businesses, many of which were black-owned, didn’t do anything to George Floyd, all they did was serve customers and employ people. They don’t anymore.

Ferguson was a hoax perpetrated by the media as much as anyone. The Obama Justice Department tried desperately to find something to charge officer Darren Wilson with and came up empty. He told the truth, forensic evidence proved Michael Brown had attacked him, trying to take his gun, and was charging back for more when he was shot.

The case against the officers in the Freddie Gray case was so weak, none of them were convicted, with all remaining charges dropped.

Ferguson and Baltimore were different. Democrats controlled the White House, so the outrage was directed locally. The radicals were fine with that and the media, relieved, complied.

During the Trump administration, the target was national: the president himself. Anything done opposing him, no matter how violent or destructive, was fine with the left too. If an old man got pulled from his car and beaten, so what? It was Trump’s fault anyway, haven’t you seen his tweets?

Now, Democrats are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They want to target local police and the president, but that’s a tougher sell.

The cities they’re claiming are oppressive are controlled by their own, and have been for a long time. There hasn’t been a Republican mayor in Minneapolis since 1973. Hard to make the case that anything there is the fault of Trump or Republicans. In fact, their Mayor, Jacob Frey, is one of their own – a radical who urged protests against the president’s rally in the city last year. He’s responsible for the police, but he’s on their team so can’t be blamed. So the media has largely protected him.

But, again, the president had no connection to any of this. Still, the left hates him so much, and they want an issue to attack him with, they’re blaming him anyway.

Locals were upset with the local situation, not the president, so they were forced to call out their goon squad to nationalize it. And when you call out the goon squad, you get goons.

Radicals don’t really know how to organize. They know how to enrage and incite. That’s what they’ve done across the country. As they riot and burn in cities across America, they’re hurting their fellow progressives by exposing them as feckless leaders incapable of maintaining order.

……The old, “They’re mostly peaceful” trope about riots isn’t working this time. You can’t be anymore “mostly peaceful” than you can be mostly pregnant or mostly dead. And you can’t care about poor, black Americans while siding with people burning and looting small businesses owned and serving poor, black Americans.

For every Nike or Apple store looted there are dozens of small businesses that won’t recover from the destruction of this mob. Trying to pretend Democrats and the media across the nation didn’t throw gasoline on this is impossible.

Antifa and their ilk have served as the enforcers for modern progressives just as the Brownshirts served that role for progressives in Germany in the 1930s. And just like then, they’re attempting to purge them publicly because they’ve become a liability.

But they can’t simply remove the word “useful” from “useful idiots” and not have people notice the previous association, at least not in the age of the Internet. A record exists of leftist Democrats in the media defending the grouppraising them, and attacking Republicans for pointing out how dangerous they are. They can’t just walk away from that.


The Dems foster and support this violence. They won’t take responsibility for it, but they’ll get a rude awakening when the revolution they wanted comes to their own neighborhoods.


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