The Disastrous State of Biden’s Union


Fox News

Florida, Ohio, New York and Washington, D.C., residents told Fox News ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address that the country is not headed in a good direction.

Biden faces a slew of challenges as he prepares to give his State of the Union address Tuesday, ranging from the ongoing pandemic, inflation, economic volatility, a stalled agenda and war in Europe. Locals from small towns and large cities alike told Fox News that there’s still significant division in the country more than a year after the president, who ran on a campaign of unity, took office.

“The state of the union is in a sorry shape,” Kenny, of Kansas, said, citing inflation, the economy and the war in Ukraine.

A Dayton, Ohio, man told Fox News that the country is “not heading in a very good direction.”

John, a New Yorker, told Fox News: “We’ve kind of lost our national narrative. Actually, I think we are a little bit lost at the moment.”

“This administration certainly isn’t playing a strong role in continuing the legacy of being the protector of democracy,” he added.

Another Ohio man said both housing and car prices are bad and there are “so many folks that really don’t want a job.”

Jeanna, from Florida, told Fox News: “State of our union now, I think things are just not doing good at all.”

“It’s hard for people just to even talk to each other, and things that in the past we used to be able to just converse about, it doesn’t really happen that way anymore,” she added.

Larry from Panama City, Florida, said the state of America is “the worst it’s been in my lifetime. I think our country is divided.”

“I think the people are hurting,” he continued. “The government doesn’t care.”



Items Biden conveniently forgot to mention in his SOTU address:

American political prisoners have been held for more than 8 months in solitary confinement in 7X10 cells for 23 hours a day. These people have not been convicted of any crimes, they are being held in “pretrial detention” for trespassing the capitol halls of corruption on 6 January 2021. Their trials have not been set. They have been denied bail. They are not allowed to meet with lawyers in private. They have one hour a day for “exercise”, showers, and phone calls. They have been denied due process.  The jailed protesters have been beaten and isolated by the guards.  Lawyers for one, a man called Ryan Samsel, say he was beaten so badly he has a skull fracture and is now blind in one eye. One of them died awaiting trial. Another just committed suicide after being hounded by the DOJ for the crime of walking into the US Capitol on 6 January.  Yet, the Antifa/BLM goons responsible for the destruction of neighborhoods, businesses, police stations, and courthouses, have skated out of any legal consequences for their crimes.  The Feds refuse to prosecute.

Biden killed the Keystone pipeline but helped the Russians with Nordstrom II. He’s essentially financing the Russian war effort in Ukraine.  And after all that money his family made from Burisma.

He gave intel to China about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which the ChiComs promptly turned over to Russia.

He shut down our China espionage unit because Asians got their feelz hurt.

He hired a drag queen with bestiality traits to work at the DOE nuclear department.

His catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in a return of Taliban atrocities.

The US Postal Service is now part of his domestic spying apparatus.

He’s still dumping illegals into the country via secret charter flights.

The ATF is violating the law and the Constitution by tracking American gun owners.

Anyone who opposes his agenda is “dangerous”.

His regime enforced unconstitutional vax mandates.

His supply chain disaster has resulted in food and labor shortages.

All that shit and more has occurred in just the first 13 months of his regime.  His diminishing cognitive abilities combined with his innate corruption make it very easy for his handlers to make him sign whatever they put in front of him, parrot the lines they’ve written, and cause horrendous damage to the country and our foreign policies.

This is very telling;  Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia sat with Republican senators during the joint address, just hours after calling out Biden’s “hypocritical” action of allowing Russian oil to be imported to the United States while curtailing American energy production at home. In addition, the muzzie/leftwing radical squad of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Black Caucus member Colin Allred (D-Texas) aired counterprogramming to Biden’s prime time speech.

It’s a shame he didn’t drop dead at the podium. The only problem is, Kammy Harris is next in line.


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