The Flying Imams Want Access to Security Manuals for Lawsuit

There was a hearing yesterday in the Flying Imams lawsuit. The discovery process started in April is now underway in earnest. This hearing was on motions to compel to answer to discovery, which is what a party in a lawsuit brings when the other party is not supplying the information requested in discovery.

……An encouraging development is that the media was present at the hearing. Bob McNaney from Channel 5, Jim Walsh of the Star-Tribune, and David Hanners of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press were present.

Omar Mohammedi, attorney for the imams, and President of the Board of Directors for the New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, went first. His motion was for the judge, Arthur Boylan, to compel US Airways to divulge its training manuals, and information on its security procedures, so that they could show that the security procedures were not followed down to the last jot and tittle when the imams were removed from US Airways Flight 300 on November 20, 2006.

……When I realized what Mohammedi was asking for, I was briefly dazed, as I heard the sound in my mind’s ear of a thousand bloggers screaming something to the effect of “Ok, let me get this straight. A group of imams led by a fundraiser for a Muslim charity (the Holy Land Foundation) which was shut down by the Treasury Department for its connections to Hamas, is asking a judge to compel an airline to divulge its security procedures. And everyone’s OK with that?!?”

This reveals yet another purpose of the Flying Imams attack, to extract information regarding airline security in a way that’s much faster and cheaper than traditional espionage or a series of probing attacks.

……Omar Mohammedi was clearly not interested in answering questions about CAIR’s involvement in the lawsuit. He mentioned that CAIR is a client of his law firm, and thus communications between him, the imams, and CAIR are protected under attorney-client privilege, but he was much more interested in changing the subject. His final remark to the three of us was “As far as we’re concerned, this a racial profiling case,” as if to say that CAIR’s involvement wasn’t really relevant to the proceedings.

The little Islamo-miscreants want to get ahold of airline sensitve security information.
Forcing the TSA to hand over security information is a lot easier than spying for it.
It’ll make their next attempt at a terrorist attack a lot easier, to boot.

Let’s hope the court tells these assclowns to take a flying leap.

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