The Hacker-Government Alliance Behind the Left’s War on MAGA Americans

Hackers and doxxers working for corrupt government thugs. Go figure.

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American dissidents of all stripes are ablaze with anger after The Washington Post’s most repugnant reporter, Taylor Lorenz, published yet another piece trying to ruin someone more popular than her.

……For those not paying attention, the blazing hot Libs of TikTok account simply finds TikTok videos wherein crazed liberals and LGBTQ-ers, many of them teachers of innocent children, unabashedly reveal their deviant grooming agenda for public consumption.

For instance:


Few people are more repugnant than Taylor Lorenz, who once falsely accused billionaire Marc Andreeson of using the “r-slur” in a Clubhouse room, and whose age is humorously difficult to pin down. Mere weeks ago, Lorenz had a meltdown over “online harassment” in an interview with MSNBC, then pressured the channel into deleting the interview.

Lorenz may be repulsive, to say the least. She certainly courted, assiduously, all the hatred coming her way. But there is a bigger story here. This incident is a case study in how the ruling regime uses cutout “NGOs” and “hackers” to target dissidents for annihilation. It wasn’t Taylor Lorenz who doxed Libs of TikTok. Lorenz is a used-up cocktail waitress for the regime. She’s far too talentless to achieve such a feat. Instead, it was a motley crew of regime actors.

The original doxer of the woman behind Libs of TikTok was an Antifa Twitter user named @karmaonesixone who gloated last weekend about using sleuth work to uncover the account’s original tweets and name.

Another Twitter user, Travis Brown, promoted and confirmed @karmaonesixone’s work, then went on to unearth and reveal even more information about the woman behind LibsofTikTok.


In the Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz herself credits Brown for confirming Libs Of TikTok’s identity.

“On Saturday, software developer Travis Brown (who is working on a project with support from Prototype Fund, an organization that backs open-source projects) unearthed the account’s Twitter history and posted a thread detailing information about its profile changes.”

Who is Travis Brown? In essence, a man paid by the German government to target, dox, and harass the international left’s ideological enemies.

Brown is the creator of the so-called “Hate Speech Tracker,” a program whose explicit purpose is to aid Antifa extremists in tracking and archiving statements by its enemies, and find “connections” between them to aid in doxxing.

From the horse’s mouth:


Many right-wing extremist movements are currently developing on social media, e.g. B. GamerGate, conspiracy theory movements like QAnon and militant movements like the Proud Boys in the USA. Members of these movements often delete their content, change their username, and get banned (often temporarily) from social media platforms. This makes it harder to resist their actions. For example, prominent far-right accounts on Twitter and Facebook have developed a well-documented pattern of distributing controversial and extremist content to their followers and then deleting it before moderators have a chance to respond. This is how they radicalize their audience while minimizing the risk of their platforms losing funding or moderate supporters. Archiving is an important element in counteracting this behavior and in many cases has led to prominent victories against the extreme right.

The Hate Speech Tracker is a set of composable software tools that enable people affected by harassment and hate speech on social media to record and share information about their experiences. Blacklists for Twitter and other social media platforms can be commented on and shared privately, connections between extremist-run accounts can be identified and cases of hate speech can be archived.”

……For those wondering, Brown’s work egregiously violates the terms of use of the sites that he tracks “hate” on. As Brown himself noted on his website, Twitter’s own privacy policy states:

……“We want people to feel comfortable to create a separate and, if they choose, pseudonymous identity on Twitter. If you intend to associate any information about a Twitter user with an off-Twitter identifier, we require that you get express, opt-in consent from the user before making the association.

For example, you could get this consent if the user shares their Twitter handle directly with you as part of a signup process for your service. In situations in which you do not have a user’s express, opt-in consent to link their Twitter identity to an off-Twitter identifier, we require that any connection you draw be based only on information that a user would reasonably expect to be used for that purpose. If a user would be surprised to learn that you are using information they provided to link their Twitter account to an identity off of Twitter, don’t do it.”

Brown also openly admits to using certain tactics on Twitter that “probably” violate the ToS.

……This isn’t some one-off fluke. Much like Brandy Zadrozny, whom Revolver profiled in 2020, Travis Brown exists as a small part of a much larger ecosystem.

Brown’s doxxing operation isn’t an independent venture. He is backed by the Prototype Fund, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, an “independent not-for-profit organization.” The notion that the foundation is “independent” is, of course, a lie. OKFG receives funding directly from the the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

……The same organization that paid to dox Libs Of TikTok is also paying to teach male-to-female transgenders how not to sound like Barry White.

Prototype doesn’t limit itself to online flame wars. It also takes an interest in real wars, funding an archive to gather alleged eyewitness reports of atrocities in the Syrian Civil War.


“Syrian Archive” acts vague about what position it takes on the war, but its website leaves no room for doubt: This is an organization that exists to blame Bashar Assad, and by extension Russia, for chemical attacks (chemical attacks that in at least one case turned out to be a hoax).

……In February, the hacker collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoS) leaked hacked materials from GiveSendGo that doxed donors to the Canadian trucker convoy. As we previously observed, DDoS is basically a de facto government operation.

……The Lorenz dox job exposes how this ecology operates. This is not simply the story of a deranged attention whore who went too far. This is a story of how the new Stasi operates: Energy flows from governments, to non-profits, to hackers, and finally to aged out journalists publishing hit pieces on dissidents in Jeff Bezos’s paper of record.

Tucker Carlson

Taylor Lorenz is not a reporter. Apart from whining about herself on television, she has no skills. She couldn’t do a weather forecast in a rainstorm. She’s not a journalist. She’s merely a receptacle for information that other people gather for their own ends, a willing receptacle.
So where did she get this information? Who gave her the identity of the woman who runs Libs of TikTok? Well, actually, we don’t have to guess because today’s “Washington Post’s” story answers that question.
“The Post” piece tells us that information came from a man called Travis Brown. Travis Brown runs the quote: “Travis Brown Hate Speech Tracker,” which uses a variety of proprietary methods to reveal personally identifying information of private citizens who stray from the approved storyline.
Now, who pays for all this? That’s the question. Well, the “Travis Brown Hate Speech Tracker” is funded by something called the prototype fund. Here’s how the prototype fund describes the point of Travis Brown’s project, quote: “Prominent right-wing extremist accounts on Twitter and Facebook have developed a well-documented pattern to distribute controversial and extremist content to their followers and then delete it before moderators have the opportunity to react to it.” In other words, before it can be censored.
“Archiving is an important element in counteracting this behavior and has in many cases led to prominent victories in the fight against the extreme right.”
Extreme right? So, not all hate speech is the same. The hate speech tracker does not target the hate speech of BLM rioters or Antifa. No, only enemies of the Biden administration and the guys at Davos. How do they do it? Well, Brown’s methods, according to him, include using automated software to save user account names and social media posts long after they have been deleted.
So, there’s no hiding from these people. Now, that appears to be a violation of Twitter’s terms of service. Not that we care because they don’t care. We reached out to Twitter about this. Isn’t this a violation? Well, they ignored us. They suspended our account.
What’s interesting, though, is that Travis Brown himself appears to be a former Twitter employee. So again, who’s paying for this? Well, a foreign government is paying for it. The prototype fund gets its money not from private donors, but from the government of Germany — Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education. It says so right on the website.
In other words, what happened to the woman who runs Libs of TikTok, her life being destroyed, was not the work of Taylor Lorenz, the fearless journalist who cries on TV from her PTSD. No, it was a foreign intelligence operation designed to silence and intimidate an American citizen. Wait, is that legal?
Did the Biden administration have any role in this particular intel op? Why is the German government trying to shut down an American Twitter account posting about American teachers? And since she was the recipient, the willing recipient, of this information from a foreign government designed to destroy an American citizen, why hasn’t Taylor Lorenz, at the very least, registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA)?


Weaponized government agencies and their a media tools target  journalists, American citizens, Fox News personalities, conservatives, and political opponents.

Americans who challenge authoritarian covid measures and question the integrity of elections are now “domestic terrorists”.

The Dem-controlled regime and their Big Tech tools censor anything they deem “misinformation”.

The Dems don’t mind because the agencies are working for them and the GOP doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it.


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