The Horrible Future of Afghan Women: ‘No One Cares About Us. We’ll Die Slowly In History’


Daily Wire

In a viral video garnering millions of views, a young Afghan girl, tears streaming down her face, weeps, “No one cares about us. We’ll die slowly in history.”

The video, tweeted out by famed Iranian dissident activist journalist Mashi Alinejad, shows the young girl traveling in a vehicle as she says quietly, “We don’t count because we were born in Afghanistan. I cannot help crying. I have to wipe my tears to be able to film this video. No one cares about us. We’ll die slowly in history.”

She concludes sadly, “Isn’t it funny?”


I feel so sorry for that kid. She will endure fresh Islamofascist hell.

Women, girls, and anyone who doesn’t prostrate to hardline Islam are in for a nightmare.  The Taliban filth that took over Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal inflicted a five-year reign of brutality. Beheadings and floggings became commonplace for minor transgressions against Islam. Music, television, and the Internet were banned. Men were forced to wear beards, women were forced to wear head-to-toe Burqas, and they were beaten if they did not comply. Girls were forbidden to attend school. Women were prohibited from working outside the home or being in public without a male relative.  Those who did were beaten or shot, by officers of the “ministry for the protection of virtue and prevention of vice.”

Expect a repeat of epic proportions. As of now, there are reports that the Taliban thugs have already seized a massive stash of US-made armaments and drones as they head for Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. They’ve also started going door-to-door to round up young girls to be “sex slaves” for the terror group.

The country is fucked.

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