The Irony is Strong With This One: ‘Antifa’ Morons Support Persecution of Gays to Support Muslims

From The Clarion Project

Toronto’s annual gay pride parade this year saw the shocking spectacle of a group of hard-left, predominantly white activists trying to silence Middle Easterners from speaking out against the oppression faced by the LGBT+ community in Muslim countries.

A group of activists from Muslim-majority countries, including former Iranian political prisoners, marched in the parade under the banner of the International Center for Human Rights (ICHR). The ICHR is a group dedicated to opposing human rights abuses by dictatorships in general and the Islamic Republic of Iran in particular. They marched in Toronto Pride alongside LGBTory, a group which supports those who are politically right-wing and part of the LGBT community.

The marchers bearing placards bearing signs such as “Iran Executing Gays since 1979” and “Qatar Whips and Hangs Gays” were greeted by a gang of mostly masked demonstrators from the far-left Antifa faction. The far-left activists tried to block the ICHR group and prevent them from marching.

A young man from Antifa accused the ICHR of “emboldening” anti-Muslim hate, saying “Anti-Muslim racists look at you and they are emboldened, do you understand?”

The ICHR activists hit back, asking if he supported gays in Islamic countries. When he told them he had never been to an Islamic country they lost patience with him:

“You have never supported gays in Islamic countries” one man accused. A woman shouted “We are from the Middle East! You don’t know what you are talking about!”

Gays are routinely persecuted across the Middle East. In Iran, homosexual sex carries the death penalty. In Saudi Arabia and Qatar, any sexual acts, including homosexual acts, carried out by married people outside of their marriage carry the death penalty. However, given that homosexuality otherwise carries prison sentences or lashing, there are no outlets for LGBT people to have a normal sexual relationship.

Of the 10 countries in the world where homosexuality can carry up to the death penalty, all are Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria (at least 50% Muslim), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Despite all this, Pride Toronto was only too happy to partner with anti-Israel groups to protest so called “pinkwashing,” a made-up process which seeks to label highlighting Israel’s exemplary record on LGBT rights as a conspiracy to cover up oppression of Muslims.


The abuse and hate crimes against gays  in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, and the rest of the Islamic nation states escapes the leftwingnuts’ intellectual capacity.   “Promoting same-sex marriage” in any one of those cesspools results in hanging, beheading, stoning, or being heaved off of tall buildings.  On the other hand, the Gaystapo in this country has gotten totally out of control.

A timeline of just some of the anti-gay executions in the Middle East, HERE.

“Antifa” shows their fascist colors every time they protest.

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