The IVAW has a New Supporter…Hustler Magazine

This is an item posted on the Slog website that really shows the depths of the cesspool to which the IVAW has been accepted.

Press Release of the Day

posted by on August 20 at 12:52 PM

Apparently Hustler’s going after the “I read it for the articles” audience:

HUSTLER Magazine November 2008The Winter Soldiers Speak Out

In arguably the most shocking piece of the year, HUSTLER Magazine reports on the truth about what’s going on in Iraq. The “Winter Soldier” veterans, as they are called, speak out about the war and the thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian casualties. One of the brave soldiers brought back a video of his sergeant declaring, “The difference between an insurgent and an Iraqi civilian is whether they are dead or alive.” The soldier explains: “If you kill a civilian, he becomes an insurgent because you retroactively make him a threat.” Gruesome photos accompany the article.


Since Larry Flynt has no redeeming social value, his endorsement of the IVAW is a logical step.

Oh goody…looks like they’ve been added to the “Re-Create 68” circus during the upcoming Denver DNC convention:

Wednesday, August 27

IVAW March
R-68 has agreed to support this march to the Pepsi Center, organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Rage Against The Machine Free Concert at the Denver Coliseum, 11am
Don’t miss seeing this free concert by one of the best political bands in the country. The event is not an R-68 event, but is sponsored by IVAW and Tent State.


The IVAW proves how badly problem children can behave in front of cameras, and denigrate the armed forces, to boot.

They spend their post-military lives peddling their bullshit to leftwingnuts and telling fabulist tales on their website. The IVAW doesn’t quite have the scruffy, angry at the world, poor me I was an unwilling ‘government tool’ mystique of the VVAW rabble, or radical college student counterparts, but they try.

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