The Learning Channel’s “All-American” Oxymoron



The Learning Channel got a wild Taqiyya hair up their ass and decided it would be a good idea to showcase the practitioners of the “religion of peace” right smack in the heart of their enclave in Dearborn, Michigan.

I saw advertisments for the PR program and knew that if I tuned in, I’d probably kill my TV with a slug from my .380.  Especially when the muslim broad in the hijab gave her little spiel about “lecturing people” on bigotry.

All-American Muslim is on its last legs. Not only was the last episode of the show the lowest rated show in its time slot, losing again to Homeland, but it was also the lowest rated show of the night among the top 100 cable shows aimed at adults. While Homeland has improved its ratings, All-American Muslim has dropped so low that it’s hovering above the abyss.

Just to bring out the vultures, Discovery Communications is being sued by Visionaire Media which accuses it of stealing its idea for an “American Muslim Show” without compensation. At this point Discovery Communications, which oversees the disaster areas that are TLC, The Discovery Channel​, Animal Planet​ and several other learning channels that have turned into minor variations of each other serving up the same Reality content, might consider letting Visionaire have the credit for All-American Muslim which a month later looks more like blame.

That is the problem with propaganda, it isn’t very interesting. Negative propaganda can be entertaining, positive propaganda is stifling. All-American Muslim promotes Islam with weak reality show theatrics that are inferior in drama and entertainment value to the competition. It is so determined to promote its agenda that it utterly fails to be interesting. 

The media which enthusiastically embraced All-American Muslim has nothing more to say about it. There are hardly any more stories on it and those few that show up make it clear that the writer did not watch the show beyond the premiere episode. The deadly secret of All-American Muslim is that not even the liberals in the media want to watch it.

It also failed to be factual, especially with regard to what Islam is all about.  Hint: It ain’t peace, love, granola, or holding hands and singing Kumbaya.  And even the media libtards weren’t impressed. Tsk.

The show tried to promote the myth that muslims are just the friendly red, white, and blue neighbor next door; a minority with the goal of assimilating into the American melting pot.  Given the history of their theocracy and stated vision of a world-wide Caliphate, I’d rather have them deported to an Islamofascist country of their choice, where they can live right next door to like-minded jihadists.

The title itself is fatuous beyond belief.  “All-American Muslim”? Are you fucking kidding?  Hey, while they’re making folksy documentaries about followers of a violence-prone ideology,  why don’t they consider “All-American Nazi” or “All-American Communist”?

The very thought of an American T.V. channel doing a sales pitch for this gutter-dwelling culture is sickening.  This is packaged propaganda that would make Al Jazeera proud.

After considerable public outcry, advertisers broke all land speed records running from the Islamo-proselytism.

Too bad, TLC.  We’re not buying your shit sandwich.

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