The Left Agonizes Over THE ONE’s Epic Fail

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The Left is on a crying jag over Obama’s failure to fulfill their socialist hopey changey dreamy fantasies. The results are humorous and maudlin.

This example comes from leftwing pontificator Eric Alterman, in a long-winded 17,000+ word manifesto.  It’s chock full of distortions, omissions, inaccuracies, leftude manipulations….in other words, a shitload of lies. 

The kind of tripe The Nation  will oblige.

It’s also replete with his disappointment that Obama will fail to produce the “progressive” (READ: Socialist) country he pines for, and that the “the system is rigged, and it’s rigged against us.”  “Us” meaning the Left. 

These are just a few of the idiotic statements put forth by Alterman:

“Republicans never bothered to come up with an alternative healthcare proposal to Obama’s” , he opines, “this was unnecessary. All they needed was the word “no.” (“We’re the party of ‘Hell, no!'” cried Sarah Palin to a crowd of cheering Southern Republicans in mid-April.) Afterward, they make a speech about the need for the government to cut taxes and reduce spending. I swear I’m not kidding.

Cutting taxes and reducing spending is part of saying “NO” to big government. It’s one of those free-market concepts diametrically opposed to the doctrine touted by leftwing “progressives”.

Alterman, I swear you’re a moron.

As for Republicans ‘never bothering to come up with alternative healthcare proposal(s)’, that’s bullshit on stilts. Republicans came up with several alternatives, each of which was shit-canned by Dem megalomaniacs.

The three Republican bills totaled just about 400 pages. They contained preventive health care, tax credits, and reduction of fraud and abuse in existing federal health care programs.

The Patient’s Choice Act of 2009

Health Care Freedom Plan, S. 1324

Empowering Patients First Act, H.R. 3400–FINAL.pdf

Another one was introduced by Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ), is  H.R. 3217, Health Care Choice Act of 2009.

Health Care Choice Act of 2009 – Amends the Public Health Service Act to provide that the laws of the state designated by a health insurance issuer (primary state) shall apply to individual health insurance coverage offered by that issuer in the primary state and in any other state (secondary state), but only if the coverage and issuer comply with the conditions of this Act. Exempts issuers from any secondary state’s laws that would prohibit or regulate the operation of the issuer in such state, subject to certain restrictions imposed by such state.
Specifies the notice that an issuer must provide in any insurance coverage offered in a secondary state and at renewal of the policy. Requires each issuer issuing individual health insurance coverage in both primary and secondary states to submit to the insurance commissioners of such states: (1) a copy of the plan of operation or feasibility study; (2) written notice of any change in its designation of its primary state and of its compliance with all the laws of the primary state; and (3) a quarterly financial statement. Prohibits an issuer from offering, selling, or issuing individual health insurance coverage in a secondary state if the state insurance commissioner does not use a risk-based capital formula for the determination of capital and surplus requirements for all issuers.
Gives sole jurisdiction to the primary state to enforce the primary state’s covered laws in the primary state and any secondary state. Requires the Comptroller General to study and report to Congress on the effect of this Act on specified health insurance issues.

He heaps praise on the Dem propensity for big, intrusive, “governance”:

“Democrats, even in the minority, participate in solutions designed to improve governance. They cannot help themselves. A commitment to the principle of good governance is the primary reason most Democrats tend toward politics in the first place.

“Governance”; like some of the most oppressive, backward, Constitution-violating, tyrannical
“governance” in history.
He fatuously claims that Obama wanted nothing to do with “special interests”:

Despite his attempts to transform the way business is transacted in Washington, special interest money worked its will through Barack Obama’s agenda in Congress to the point where it is simply foolish to discuss almost any issue without focusing first on who was buying what from whom.

Dictating legislative policy are special interests like the SEIU, Shore Bank, Health Care for America Now, (a consortium of unions and liberal groups) and radical John Podesta’s Center for American Progress. These groups are a leftwingnut’s wet dream. They are the same groups that funded his campaign. They helped push for, and finance Obama’s socialist destruction of our economy and national security.  Alterman should be sobbing with joy, not sorrow.

He devotes some space for the requisite leftwing narrative “Bush is a criminal….blame Bush for everything that’s wrong in the world…..blah…blah…blah….Fox News is dedicated to a program of misinformation….Joe McCarthy…..yadda…yadda…yadda….”

He concludes this lengthy pathetic diatribe with:

Obama is taking the best deal on the table today, but hopes and expects that once he is re-elected in 2012—a pretty strong bet, I’d say—he will build on the foundations laid during his first term to bring on the fundamental “change” that is not possible in today’s environment.

Once he is re-elected??  Alterman and his fellow leftards will be lucky if he’s not impeached  before 2012.  That “foundation” has crumbled into a record low poll rating of 24%—who “strongly approve” of his ‘performance’.

Just wait until the pendulum swings the other way in November. The Democrats will be forced back on the sidelines, spitting their anger at the way Americans took our country back. Brace yourself, Alterman. ObamaCare will be repealed. Border security and illegal immigration laws will actually be enforced. The phrase Islamic extremism will return to its proper place in counter-terrorist policy. The war on Islamic terrorism will be fought to its rightful conclusion. We will demand that the Republican majority bring spending and taxes back down to a sane level and restrict earmarks. We will also hold them accountable for bringing America back to its Constitutional and free-market roots.

If Americans have any amount of common sense, respect for the Constitution, and love for this country, the “environment” will never make it possible for Obama’s kind of “fundamental change”.

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