The Left’s Agenda Over the Confederate Flag is Only the Beginning

The debate over the Confederate flag is just the start of the DemProg campaign to completely erase southern culture and heritage. It’s already started.

Robert Bentley, the governor of Alabama, has become the first lackey to surrender and remove the Stars and Bars from the state capitol. He won’t be the last to bow to the demands of an increasingly hostile outrage mob.

And you knew this would happen: Two years ago before the current Confederate flag flap, a hack at the New York Times opined that military bases named after Confederate generals should be re-named because they  “are a place named for defenders of a racist slavocracy”.

The South, in particular, is known for its love of America, conservative leanings,  and unflinching loyalty, which gives the Left grand mal seizures. There’s an  ‘ethnic cleansing’ underway of southern culture, and in fact, of all things “white”.

You can’t erase or rewrite history by removing a flag. It may make you feel better but it doesn’t change the facts.  Removing a flag will not improve race relations or stop the divisive racial politics practiced by B. Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

And it’s not going to stop some deranged nutjob.

Eventually, the eradication of the American flag will be their crowning glory.  Their ultimate goal is to obliterate any vestiges of American patriotism and pride, regardless of locale.

Don’t think so?

Just try to protect the Stars and Stripes from rabid leftwingnut ‘protesters’ and see what happens.

Students and professors at the University of California-Irvine tried to get Old Glory banned from campus because it “symbolizes racism and xenophobia”, “it has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism”, and it might “hurt the feelings of illegal aliens”.  You just can make that shit up.

The abject hatred for America and its symbol is part and parcel of the academic intelligentsia. Communist and Islamofascist indoctrination in American educational systems from K-12 to college is part of a left wing-driven curriculum.

A Maine college professor offered extra credits to his students if they burned the flag.

A California middle school art teacher chastised a 13-year-old girl for the “offensive” drawing of an American flag with the words “God Bless America”.

A high school teacher in South Carolina decided to stomp on the flag as part of a ‘civics lesson’.

A grade-school kid was sent home for displaying toy American Soldiers on his hat.

A Texas high school student was punished by a teacher for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.

It’s also creeping into the leftwing fringe of the judicial system. A California district judge banned students from wearing American flag apparel on Cinco de Mayo because of “concerns by school officials over possible violence”. In other words, the Mexican illegals who attend our schools free gratis, might be offended by displays of patriotism in our country.

It has even reached the workplace. A Texas hospital worker who posted the flag in her work area as a tribute to Memorial Day and members of her family who are in the military, had it removed by a supervisor who is a native of Africa.

Apparently, foreigners who come here think they have a right to replace our laws, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and symbols with their own.  They’re in good company with the indigenous leftwing nihilists.

Now it’s spreading to books: a New York Times (where else) film critic calls for banning Gone With the Wind.

Amazon has discontinued the sale of the Confederate flag but won’t stop selling the Nazi and communist paraphernalia.

Walmart has pledged to remove Confederate flag merchandise, including Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs.

Rap ‘artists’ on the other hand, can continue to be as offensive, disgusting, and racist as they want.

Leftwingnut hate-spewer Don Lemon suggests that the Jefferson Memorial should be removed because “he owned slaves”.

Scumbag Terry McAullife wants to end “divisive and hurtful” Confederate flag license plates in Virginia.

RINO Mitch McConnell, not known for possessing integrity or guts, has jumped on the bandwagon by saying the statue of Jefferson Davis should be removed from the Kentucky capitol building.

More: New Orleans mayor says time to tear down the statue of Robert E. Lee…

Group demands removal of the confederate site in Orlando…

Don’t be surprised when they start combing through Arlington National Cemetery, picking out the Confederate dead they want to dig up and move somewhere else.

While Nikki Haley and other politicians and pundits pander to the shrill race-baiting anti-Confederate assclowns, other symbols of hate continue to exist:


The first flag represents a black supremacist group known for violence and hatespeech.  Speaking of which, they reared their ugly heads on a street in Charleston, South Carolina, and declared that they need to “finish the mission” of killing “slave masters” and their families. Since no one in this country owns slaves anymore, the only conclusion is that the muthafuckas want a race war. Okay, but they’re going to get a rude awakening when we shoot back.

The second flag is the banner of a group (founded by Nelson Mandela) responsible for hundreds of murders and terrorist acts, including the infamous “necklacings.”

The third flag represents a violent theocracy responsible for worldwide terrorism and atrocities in the name of a 7th-century screed and a bat-shit crazy prophet.

The fourth flag represents an ideology responsible for the deaths of millions of people and the oppression of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

That fifth flag operates under the guise of ‘diversity’ all the while being hateful and intolerant of opposing viewpoints, Christianity in particular.


I don’t see any demands for them to be banned, removed, or censored from public use.

Instead of blaming Dylann Roof for his own despicable crime, they eagerly exploit his idiotic rantings as part of a contrived meme against southern culture, and of course, those scary Tea Party people.

It’s not just the hated South they want to get rid of, it’s anyone who doesn’t fit their New World Order. White DemProg liberals project their guilt and self-loathing on white conservatives, with spit-flecked commentary like:  “White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study” and accusations of “Growing Right-Wing Terrorism”.  (New York Times)  By the way, this trope was produced by the New America Foundation, a leftwing Washington, DC think tank whose board includes Jonathon Soros.

The implication is that homegrown “right-wing extremism” is far more of a threat than the Islamic jihadists (both homegrown and foreign) who would gladly put the assclowns at the New York Times and the Washington Post in a cage and set them on fire.

Last I checked, the very city where New York Times publishes its tripe was hit by deadly muzzies hellbent on killing as many Americans as they could.

Over the years, the Dems have tried to revise history, hide their bigotry, and shove the responsibility for their own racism on Republicans. The Democrats have a corner on the market of domestic terrorism. They own the legacy of the KKK, since they’re the ones who created them and allowed them to serve as their terrorist wing for decades.  That fact tends to slip through the cracks of leftwing journalistic pap.

Stacey Patton,  a black professional race-baiter, and adjunct professor of American history at American University authored a piece of garbage  titled: “Black America Should Stop Forgiving White Racists.”   Her rants exclude the white and black racists who populate the Left.  White America should stop entertaining the likes of this racist scrunt and tell her to go to hell.

The left draws the line, crosses it, moves it, then crosses it again. If you think they’ll stop with the Confederate flag, you are sadly mistaken.

Those jumping on the bandwagon to ban any historic American symbol in the heat of the current wave of PC guilt had better understand the implications.

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  3. Excellent article! The truth will set you free!
    I’d rather live one day fighting for our freedoms than to live the rest of my life as a coward and a slave to those who try to take them.

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