The Liberal Media War on the American People

Via Sean Hannity.


The leftards in the media conglomerate, Hollywood, and  the public at large, are having a psychotic breakdown. They literally reside in an alternate universe where Obama still fills their wet dreams and Trump should be overthrown to install corruptocrat Hillary to her rightful place in the Oval Office.

The meltdown is pure entertainment.  They are totally unhinged, and after 8 years of B. Hussein Obama, it’s a joy to watch.


And of course, the violence, assaults, vandalism, arson, and general thuggery:




The average patriotic steadfast American citizen, couldn’t give two fucks about the crybullies and their endless tantrums. We will fight tooth and nail against any attempt by these thugs to infringe on our rights, freedoms, and individual liberties. They want war? Bring it.



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2 thoughts on “The Liberal Media War on the American People”

  1. Funny but scary. It’s a frightening thought to think that the gene pool has become so corrupted that it produces idiots like these in the numbers that it does. I think it would be great entertainment to round up all these brain dead morons and place them on their own island. The news media would be out in full force and we could sit at home and watch live coverage of the island dwellers clawing each other to death trying to be the first one to get face time. What a sick,pathetic herd of deranged mutants. Stupid people shouldn’t breed?
    Jeffery Washington

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