The NAACP’s ‘Black Hole’

The more I read about these race-baiters, the more repugnant they are.

Via Bob Parks at Big Journalism.

It is said that you can’t debate the insane. That must have been Hallmark’s strategy.

After three years on the market, the greeting card giant Hallmark quickly pulled a graduation card after half-baked claims were made by the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP that the card is racist.

Starring the Hallmark-designed characters Hoops and Yoyo, the controversial card contains a small speaker from which the cartoon cat and rabbit exclaim: “This graduate is going to run the world, run the universe and run everything after that. Yeah, whatever that is. And you black holes? You’re so ominous.” A few seconds later, they add: “And you planets? Watch your back.”

Apart from the audio, the card reads: “You’re graduating? Well then, it’s time to let the world know what’s coming. But not only the world. NOOOO! We’re talking the entire Solar System.” It additionally boasts: “Watch out, Saturn, this grad is going to run rings around you.”

Despite all the astronomical references, the NAACP members insist Hoops and Yoyo are advocating violence against “black whores,” not “black holes.” That’s what they claim the card says.

The logic of Leon Jenkins, the president of the NAACP’s Los Angeles chapter, certainly seems airtight. In a video posted on YouTube by community activist Jasmyne Cannick, Jenkins points out that something that is “ominous” is evil. Something that is evil must have a “body” or “conscious thought.” That fits a black woman — not a collapsed star, he says. And then, he adds, there’s the card’s “watch your back” threat. Q.E.D.

Pay no mind that the “watch your back” taunt is made toward planets and not to whatever one might think that one particular word is. But Jenkins has that covered. As he explains in the Cannick-posted video, “if reasonable people can listen to this and interpret it the way I did, you need to pull it.”

Reasonable, eh?

Whether or not reasonable people can debate the legitimacy of cartoon animals personifying celestial objects is debatable all by itself. Whether this is a sinister conspiracy to incite children’s anger against a specific race and gender through a throwaway greeting card is yet another.

Both are silly, and Jenkins and his pals don’t have an intellectual leg to stand on.
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The NAACP outlived its usefulness and purpose years ago. It has degenerated into a parody of its former self. Not content with working for the nobel purpose of bona fide civil rights, it has now assumed a posture similar to La Raza, Jeremiah Wright, and the collection of leftwing moonbats in the MSM and Dem party. They define “racism” as anything that offends them and anyone who disagrees with their fatuous bullshit.

Congratulations, NAACP. How far you’ve sunk.

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