The New Democrats: The Party of Hate

How the Democrats feel about American protesters.

Harry Reid thinks we’re  ‘evil mongers’.

Nancy Pelosi accuses us of “carrying swastikas”.

They put up roadblocks to impede our right to attend townhall meetings.

Americans who want to express their opinions on health care reform at town halls across the country are encountering a host of roadblocks, ranging from fake schedules to a demand that they show their driver’s licenses or photo identification.

Supporters of President Obama’s plan say they are pushing back against opposition that is disruptive and designed to shut down debate. But opponents say the supporters’ tactics are underhanded and designed to undermine democracy in action.

Demand that American citizens show identification? That’s funny. When Obamessiah ran for office, ACORN’s ‘registered’ illegal aliens didn’t face this kind of scrutiny. The Dems are scared. They will do everything in their power to shut down dissent. Welcome to the USSA.

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) rudely ignores a cancer survivor’s question and gabs on her cell phone during a townhall meeting.

Sheila Jackson Lee (again) called on a woman—Roxana Mayer—who claimed to be a doctor, but is actually a graduate student in social work and anObama delegate.

We’re called “rascist”, “nazi”, and “un-American” by leftwingnut media pundits and politicians who thought that all of the bizzare, rabid, violent shit pulled by the anti-Bush/anti-military crowd was just great.

Obama is trampling all over the Constitution with the aid and support of the main stream media.  He has an enemies list in the form of a DHS “threat assessment”. He’s called for his supporters to send “fishy misinformation” about his ObamaCare bill to a White House website.  He and his conglomerate of leftwing Dems in the legislature, have encouraged SEIU thugs to intimidate American citizens speaking out against the tyranny of the socialist regime in D.C. , and  ‘drown out’  our voices.  When confronted by their constituents, they either hide under their desks, or fling condescending attitudes at us during townhall meetings.

Attention American citizens: They think you’re stupid. They belittle you. They plant questioners and assclowns posing as professionals. They’re trying to frighten you into backing off on your 1st Amendment rights. And they will succeed if you let them.

2 thoughts on “The New Democrats: The Party of Hate”

    1. euandus,

      We’ve never been like “Mr. Smith”.

      This has been true throughout American history.
      Just a few examples:

      In 1856, U.S. Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina beat Massachusetts Sen. Charles Sumner with a cane. The attack happened on the Senate floor.

      In 1806, a raging political debate in Pittsburgh resulted in a duel between two local politicians, Tarelton Bates and Thomas Stewart.

      Yellow journalism flourished in the 19th century. Newspapers proudly showcased politicians’ profane, verbal sparing which gained nation-wide attention.

      Thomas Nast cartoons.

      Heated, spirited debate has always been a part of American political discourse.

      As I said on this blog; I’ve taken off the kid gloves and put on the brass knuckles. Some people, politicians in particular, don’t deserve one modicum of civility. They haven’t earned it.

      SFC MAC

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