The Newest Addition to the Black Radical Contingent in the Dem Party Opines Over ‘White Supremacy’

Oh great. Another bloviating black radical standing on the shitpile of victimology and anti-white bigotry. And she’s in Congress. Wow.

Via Breitbart


Freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) used her time to question a panel of witnesses at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties hearing on Wednesday as an opportunity to slam the country and President Donald Trump, blaming him for the alleged rise of white supremacy and claiming that blacks are treated “like second class citizens” in the United States.

“There is not a single doubt in my mind that the growing number of hate crimes taking place in this country are a byproduct of the hateful rhetoric being spewed regularly by the current occupant of our White House,” said Pressley, who has openly called the president a “racist” and has backed efforts to impeach him. “The administration has emboldened white nationalism, white supremacy, and far-right extremism including anti-semitism and xenophobia all while suggesting these groups do not represent a growing threat to our communities and national security.”

“We now otherwise and the witness’s testimony that we’ve heard today is further proof that this is not the case,” Pressley said.

Pressley noted that 2019 is the 400th anniversary of the first slave ships arriving at Jamestown where people were “robbed of their freedom, culture, and humanity.”


Instead of relevant issues like crime and economics, they prefer to dig up the corpse of slavery buried over 150 years ago.

Where’s Pressley’s outrage over modern slavery going on right now in Africa.

Slavery existed long before the Europeans ever got involved.

Slavery was known in almost every ancient civilization, including Egypt, China, Assyria, Abyssinia, West Africa, India, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, and the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas. As a matter of fact, the Irish were also sold into slavery in early America, the West Indies, Antigua, and Montserrat. In the mid-1600s, 70 percent of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

Funny how facts like this never make it into the dumbed-down liberal history texts.

The Democrats’ political platform involves hate, rage, and bigotry.

For decades minorities have served as pawns for the DemProgs. They go along with their race-baitingvictimology, the bigotry of low expectations, and racism against whites and their own people for not towing the Party line.

They like keeping blacks on the Democratic Party plantation. It gives them a demographic to exploit while mouthing platitudes about evil rich (white) corporate owners versus the workers. The myth of the Left being for the working class and minorities has been wrung for all it’s worth. It’s part and parcel of a party that uses exploitation as a campaign pitch for a target audience; a monolithic easily manipulated voting bloc that is all too willing to participate. As a matter of fact, the Dems readily admit that throwing the race card is simply a tactic for political gain.

The Left engages in some of the worst hate speech, violence, and threats on record.

They embrace ‘occupy’ thugs, ‘black lives matter‘ criminals, and ‘Antifa‘ malfeasants.  The Dems and the leftwing media own this violence. They foster it, praise it, and support it.

They spew misogynist hatred toward female conservatives, fling racial slurs at black Republicans and Hispanic Republicans for refusing to be exploited, and leaving the Dem plantation. They especially hate white Republican/Tea Party members and hurl psychotic death threats at them for good measure.

Fuck Pressley and the rest of the ‘I hate whitey’ garbage in Congress. Their rhetoric appeals to a select number of racist associates in the legislature and their retarded constituents. They run with that shit as part of their platform and it’s endorsed by minorities and liberals racked with white guilt.

I refuse to keep my head down, work extra hard, get blamed for every problem, and get told I have it easy.

Newsflash for Pressley: I have no guilt and I have zero fucks to give.


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