The Office of the Scandal Elect

Since B. Hussein Obama sees fit to inject himself  into the Oval office before the Inauguration, with the arrogant and unprecedented “Office of the President-Elect”, we may as well get a jump on all of the criminal and unethical relationships  and activity we’ll see until 2012.

The skeletons aren’t even in the closet, they’re dancing in the street.

Obama’s crooked Chicago political machine includes ACORN, Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich.   His ideological comrades include terrorists William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn,  and childhood mentor and communist Frank Marshall Davis.  He’s also a disciple of University of Chicago agitator Saul Alinsky, author of  the nihilist manifesto “Rules for Radicals”.

But of course, the Obama MSM wing sees no connection between himself and the political sewer he was weaned on and participated in.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass sums it up:

Back in 2006, Obama visited Kenya and railed about wholesale political corruption there that robbed the people of their right to honest government.

Then, he was campaigning for president of the United States as a reformer, though he forgot to mention that if elected, he’d bring half of Chicago’s Daley Machine to the White House.

……”My own city of Chicago, Illinois, is the home of some of the most corrupt local politics in American history over the years, from patronage machines to questionable elections,” Obama said.,0,1116474.column?page=1

He oughta know.

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