THE ONE Laments His Fall From Coolness

Mr. Cool on Display is so 2008.

Obama’s second presidential campaign seems destined to lack 2008’s gleam of insurgency — and nobody knows it better than Obama.

At a series of recent fundraisers, the president lamented his loss of cool, his transformation from fresh to familiar, from edgy to establishment.

“I’m sort of old news,” he told supporters at a New York fundraiser last week.

“I know that it’s not going to be exactly the same as when I was young and vibrant and new,” he mused. “And there was — posters everywhere, hope. The logo was really fresh. And let’s face it, it was cool to support me back then. At cocktail parties, you could sort of say, ‘Yeah, this Obama guy, you haven’t heard of him? Let me tell you about him.’”

……“The old posters are all faded,” Obama told supporters at the opulent Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington last week. “People make fun of hope and change.”

Like this:

Or more to the point:

 ‘Then a black man was elected President. He was supposed to change things.  He didn’t.”

—South Park Episode 1302 – The Coon

And speaking of cool:

His gaggle of leftwingnut bloggers and media hacks are in the midst of a crying jag , over Obama’s so not cool lover’s spat.  However, David (astroturf) Axelrod thinks it’s still cool to support Mr. Hopey-Changeytude. What’s really gonna be cool is when this sorry sack of shit is replaced with a real leader who understands the Constitution, respects We the People,  and knows how to be a President.

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