‘THE ONE’ Still Exempt From Jokes on Late Night Talk Shows

Remember when comedians and late night talk show hosts said they couldn’t seem to find anything ‘funny’ about THE ONE?

……But there has been little humor about Mr. Obama: about his age, his speaking ability, his intelligence, his family, his physique. And within a late-night landscape dominated by white hosts, white writers, and overwhelmingly white audiences, there has been almost none about his race.

“We’re doing jokes about people in his orbit, not really about him,” said Mike Sweeney, the head writer for Mr. O’Brien on “Late Night.” The jokes will come, representatives of the late-night shows said, when Mr. Obama does or says something that defines him — in comedy terms.


Well, nothing much has changed since that column. There’s been a few lame attempts:

Leno’s block of Obama jokes claimed that the Obamas new dog will actually be the second dog since the first had tax problems; that he was the first black guy Canadians ever saw, and that Tickle Me Elmo was more analytical than George Bush.

Note the requisite Bush-bashing.

And this weak attempt:

“Obama released his new budget which will result in a record deficit. His next State of the Union Address will be brought to you from China.”
—Jimmy Fallon

Most late night monologues have been void of anything that pokes fun of or criticizes the authoritarian regime of B. Hussein Obama. It’s politically incorrect and offensive to the leftwing effetes who run the government and saturate the entertainment industry.

It’s not like he hasn’t supplied side-splitting material that should keep the gag writers busy for a long time.

Aside from his terrorist freinds, ACORN affiliation, and corrupt Chicago political roots, here’s a list of items just from the first 100 days:

‘Mr. Articulate’ is lost without a teleprompter.

He’s filled his cabinet with tax cheats and even appointed one to run the IRS.

He’s assembled a group of hand-selected insiders to pressure the inspector general from conducting internal investigations not approved by the White House.

He appointed a White House counsel research director who holds no law degree or legal training. Her ‘qualification’? Digging up dirt on DNC political rivals for campaign attacks.

The dirtbag he chose as head of the Justice Department had a hand in pardoning a fugitive felon who happened to be Clinton campaign donor.

He’s kowtowing to America’s enemies including Iran and North Korea.

He’s implementing a tax and spend, trillion dollar bailout/stimulus/omnibus that’s already showing ominous signs of sending our economy into a hellish depression.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? Fucking please.

He wants to appoint a Saudi wahibist tool as head of the National Intelligence Council.

C’mon, Hollywood. What’s not to laugh about?

2 thoughts on “‘THE ONE’ Still Exempt From Jokes on Late Night Talk Shows”

  1. James McEnanly

    Years ago, there was a comedy LP called, ‘Firsta Family”. It concerned a Don Corleone type Mafia capo who, through some unexplained circumstance, ‘stepped down’ to become the President of the United States. Once again, reality overtakes comedy, and the result isn’t funny.

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