The Only Good Thing to Come Out of the Austin Bomber’s Spree

He blew himself to smithereens.

From Fox News

The serial bomber who terrorized Austin, Texas for three harrowing weeks was identified Wednesday morning — just hours after he blew himself to bits with his own device as cops closed in.

Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, was named as the bomber, an ATF source told Fox News. A picture of Conditt in 2013 from his mother’s Facebook page was authenticated by The Austin-American Statesman.

Conditt was killed near the motel he was traced to by authorities using surveillance footage from a Federal Express drop-off store and cell phone triangulation technology, according to The Austin American-Statesman.

He died after fleeing the motel in a car, with police hot on his tail. He drove into a ditch, sparking the fatal confrontation.


He was a miserable little shitbag who wanted to make a name for himself. Now, he’s just a pile of mush. Buh bye, mutherfucker. Rot in hell.


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1 thought on “The Only Good Thing to Come Out of the Austin Bomber’s Spree”

  1. That left us here in so much fear that I don’t think that any of the people living here “celebrated” the end in some way. Most likely from the knowledge that the fear was over.

    I HEARD the second explosion that killed the teenager from where I lived. Followed by an insane amount of emergency sirens.

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