The SCOAMF-in-Chief: ‘Americans are Wrong About ObamaCare’

How dare we criticize his royal highness?

JOSE DIAZ-BALART, TELEMUNDO: The Affordable Care Act takes effect next month, The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Americans oppose it, believing it will produce damaging results. Fifty-two percent believe the law will raise their health care costs. Is everybody wrong?

OBAMA: Yes, they are….The problem we have is that over the last four years billions of dollars have been spent misinforming people about what this law is about. All of the horror stories that were talked about have not come true. It is going to be a good deal and we expect that once it is fully implemented — a year from now, two years from now, five years from now — people will look back and, they’ll be asking what was the argument about. Why is everybody fighting this so much?

This jackass is really clueless about the damage he’s caused with his socialist monstrosity. He literally does not understand why his loyal acolytes, who realize they will also be subjected to  the same treatment under ObamaCare, have turned on this disaster.  Buyer’s remorse is a bitch.

Here’s where you’re wrong, assclown:

Those of us who read the bill, and understood its implications from the beginning, are still angry over the fact that this shit was rammed through a Dem-controlled Congress in the first place.

We know what’s it it and we know what’s coming:

Middle class tax increases,  Death Panels, no freedom of choice for your own healthcare, and skyrocketing costs.  Estimates for the nation-wide costs of ObamaCare will exceed $1.8 trillion annually, funds for pre-existing health conditions are no longer available, family premiums will increase by $3000, businesses are cutting employees’ wages and hours, and ending insurance for any new hires.

This whole ginormous clusterfuck could have been avoided if the left wing kleptocrats had left their filthy paws off the healthcare choices and freedoms of American citizens.  Now, we’re facing the destruction of the healthcare system in this country as well as another blow to the already faltering economy.

Obama owns this. The Dems own this. The union thugs own this.

I have some advise for you, B. Hussein:

“Just get out of the way so we can clean up the mess.”



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