The Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Chronicles

Ohio just got rid of Dennis Kucinich, but we’re still saddled with Sherrod Brown, one of the most extreme leftwingnuts in the Senate.

Jason Hart at has a rundown of Brown’s gawd awful run in the Senate.

As we kick off 2012, we enter Sherrod Brown’s second decade in Congress. Senator Brown (D-OH) served 7 terms in the House – starting in 1993 – before his 2006 election to the Senate. I’m 28, and Yale graduate Sherrod Brown has been peddling his blue-collar class warfare elixir in Washington since I was in 4th grade.

Ranked as the leftmost senator in 2009 and 2010 by National Journal, Sherrod has a lifetime 7.77 rating from the American Conservative Union (ACU). What sort of 19-year voting history gives someone a record left of Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid?

Here are some of the lowlights of Sherrod Brown’s first 6 years in Congress, accompanied by his ACU ratings:

Brown joined his fellow mealy-mouthed Dems by comparing ObamaCare opponents to ‘segregationists’. His love affair with unions and big government, and his apoplectic fits over conservative/Tea Party values is legendary.

Brown is currently neck and neck in a re-election race with challenger Josh Mandel, the State Treasurer, who may or may not be the conservative he claims.  We’ll see what happens in November.


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