The Shoe Thrower Gets a Taste of Sole

A year ago, when Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi threw his shoes at George W. Bush during a Q&A session, the main stream media went into a frenzy of delight. Looks like the show tosser got a taste of what goes around comes around.

A protester who presented himself as an Iraqi journalist in exile hurled a shoe Tuesday at the colleague who one year ago found fame hurling his own footwear at then US president George W. Bush.

Television reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi was in Paris to promote his campaign for the “victims of the US occupation in Iraq” when a fellow Iraqi critic (“Khayat”) turned the tables on him, shouting: “Here’s another shoe for you.”

The thickset man with an Iraqi accent made a brief speech in Arabic during the question and answer session, defending US policy and accusing Zaidi of “working for dictatorship in Iraq,” before throwing his shoe.

The missile was thrown hard at Zaidi’s head, but he managed to dodge it and it bounced harmlessly off a curtain erected behind the speakers by the event’s hosts, the Foreign Press Welcome Centre in Paris.

Of course, not a peep out of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC. And the article cited in AFP still glorifies Zaidi as if he were some kind of noble hero.
More at NewsBusters:

Zaidi got released from jail in September, and now he’s on a publicity tour to promote his one claim to fame.

This turd is a self-absorbed attention whore…kinda like Barack Obama.

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