The Son of Keith Ellison’s Ex Girlfriend Posts Allegations of Abuse

If true, it’s pretty fucking explosive.

From Twitchy

Every once in a while we come across a tweet where we aren’t entirely sure if what we’re reading is true or not BUT HOLY COW if it is. This tweet from Minnesota Democrat, Debra Hilstrom (who happens to be running against Keith Ellison in the primary for Attorney General next week) is one of those tweets.

The Facebook post she shared is allegedly from a young man named Austin Monahan who claims Ellison dated his mother, Karen Monahan. As we said before, we can neither confirm nor deny if any of this is true, but the fact that Hilstrom shared it and called on Ellison to answer for the allegations is interesting, to say the least.

hilstrom post

Here’s the content of his Facebook post:


ellison abuse 1

ellison abuse 2

ellison abuse 3



Monahan’s mother, Karen, did appear to respond (if this is the same women we cannot say for sure as she is not verified):


At this point, Ellison has not addressed the Facebook post so we can still neither confirm nor deny the details in the post BUT we did take a gander through Ellison’s social media and found that he does indeed appear to have a history with Monahan.

From his own timeline:

But this one is probably the most interesting, a shot of Karen with her son Austin (who allegedly wrote the Facebook post) tweeted by … you guessed it … Ellison.

At the very least, Ellison can’t deny that he knew here. Let’s see if he denies the allegations.

Well, he is a muzzie.  Maybe he was just implementing some of that misogynist Quranic law.



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