The SPLC Finds Humor in a Victim of Antifa Assault

Andy Ngo, a journalist, and Editor-at-large for the TPostMillennial was attacked by Antifa thugs during one of their riots in Oregon.

The shitstains at the Southern Poverty Law Center thought this was hilarious.




The SPLC is a criminal enterprise. It uses threats, intimidation, and extortion-based lawsuits as a money-making racket. Morris Dees, Mark Potok, Larry Keller, and David Holthouse, are not averse to using smear tactics, taking advantage of victims’ families, leveling false accusations, and labeling black conservatives with pejorative racial terms.

This is coming from an organization that pretends to be a champion of minorities and civil rights. It’s actually a bastion of leftwing intolerance and hate.



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2 thoughts on “The SPLC Finds Humor in a Victim of Antifa Assault”

  1. johndegbert

    SPLC studied and learned at the knee of the American Criminal Liberties Union. They obviously learned their lessons well . . .

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