The ‘Third War’ on the Border

There are many theories on how to effectively secure the nearly 2,000-mile-long border the United States shares with Mexico.

Some believe building a fence to separate us from our southern neighbor is the best route while others think adding additional surveillance equipment and Border Patrol checkpoints will help decrease the number of illegal immigrants and drugs entering America.

One thing virtually everyone close to the border security issue can agree on: America seems to be waging a third war with the Mexican cartels that will stop at nothing to smuggle humans and drugs into our homeland and the national security threat it poses.

One of the more popular ideas on how to secure the region is through the deployment of troops and creation of a strong military presence along the border. In May, Obama gave the green light for up to 1,200 National Guard troops to be assigned to the four southwest border states. In late September, armed troops started trickling in and working alongside U.S. Border Patrol agents, but the ramp up period is a gradual process since it takes a great deal of time to train the Soldiers for their new mission.

According to the National Guard Bureau, nearly 1,200 troops are at work on border issues as of Monday: 263 in California, 561 in Arizona, 80 in New Mexico, 284 in Texas and 10 others assigned to border issues at the National Guard Bureau in Virginia. The deployment is expected to last one year although no official end date has been made public.

The troops are primarily being used in a supportive role by assisting the army of Border Patrol agents already covering the miles of shared border and the 42 U.S.-Mexico crossings. Their jobs range from keeping a close eye on the border fence in search of people trying to cross illegally, to helping make apprehensions and completing paperwork. The mission is also designed to give Border Patrol some breathing room until it can hire more than 1,000 additional agents for the field.

Soldiers don’t have the authority to detain a suspected illegal immigrant. They’re essentially acting as extra eyes and ears for the agents and they’ve certainly got their work cut out for them when you consider close to 1 million illegal immigrants are estimated to attempt entry into the U.S. each year, according to Customs and Border Protection.

The Soldiers have a limited mission and virtually no authority. How in the hell is that supposed to stop the invasion of illegals and terrorists from sneaking across the border?

We’re going to need more than just 1,200 troops.

My solution is and always has been:

Secure the border with a wall, (high and deep) supplemented with guard towers, high-powered rifles with scopes, night-vision equipment, roving patrols, tracking dogs, and motion sensors. Give the Border Patrol the weaponry they need to do their job. Have the Army Corps of Engineers on hand to seek and destroy the underground tunnels already in existence or currently being dug by South-of the Border thugs. This is not an extreme suggestion, considering that illegal aliens and terrorists, with the support of the Mexican government, have been able to infiltrate at will. The Mexican Army has contributed to this crime by crossing into U.S. territory and shooting at the U.S. Border Patrol. I don’t know what they call that in the Senate, but in my Army we call it an act of war. The Mexican government, headed by yet another of string of corrupt politicians, has yet to fix their country or stem the tide of illegals. They in fact, encourage them. It should not be the duty of the United States and our tax-paying legal residents to pick up the slack for a country that refuses to economically haul itself into the 21st century.
The federal government, who seems to have a problem with border states stepping up to the plate, is not yet serious about stopping this invasion.

It also doesn’t help when the government allows “sanctuary states” and Mexican officials to violate our laws and set up headquarters in our country. The Mexican government runs clearing houses for illegals, right here in America.

Mexican nationals, with diplomatic immunity, are operating an activity sanctioned by the Mexican government on United States soil. They have set up mobile Mexican Consulates across America to aid and abet illegal aliens and gangs flooding in from Mexico. They also have a habit of assaulting U.S. citizens who protest the illegal activity.

The Santa Ana , CA , Mexican Consulate setup a mobile Mexican Matricula Consular ID center on UNITED STATES PUBLIC SCHOOL PROPERTY- Capistrano School District at the Adult English Language Development Center located at 31351 Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano , CA .

The fee is $27 per matricula consular application.

When the Minutemen arrived at the Capistrano School District Adult School there was a hub of activity. A mobile Mexican Consulate center was in full swing.

Legal resident Mexicans have U.S. issued green cards, for identification.

Mexican Nationals in the U.S. ILLEGALLY do NOT have a green card and therefore need a Mexican matricula consular identification card – matricula means: of a like group and consular means: from a consulate.

After the Minutemen had been onsite for about an hour and a half, the mobile center was shut down.

Once Minutemen began to observe and report, documenting and photographing. The Mexican Nationals no longer ventured forth to the center and many, who had been in attendance, left the mobile center.

The Mexican diplomat…would not give us her business card nor her name

(She) approached the Minutemen as the Minutemen were peacefully strolling about- on United States public school property – observing and taking photos of the event.

The Mexican diplomat repeatedly said, “This a private event for Mexicans only.You cannot be here. I am telling you nicely as I do not want to call the police. Please leave.”

Minuteman Project National Rally Spokesman Raymond Herrera said to the Mexican diplomat, “No, we will not leave. We are guaranteed freedom of assembly under OUR Constitution.”

I said to the diplomat, “The U.S. should adopt Mexico ‘s immigration policy.”
“Oh,” she agreed. ” Mexico has a very good immigration policy.”

Do tell:

If American policymakers are looking for legal models on which to base new laws restricting immigration and expelling foreign lawbreakers, they have a handy guide: the Mexican constitution.

Adopted in 1917, the constitution of the United Mexican States borrows heavily from American constitutional and legal principles. It combines those principles with a strong sense nationalism, cultural self-identity, paternalism, and state power. Mexico’s constitution contains many provisions to protect the country from foreigners, including foreigners legally resident in the country and even foreign-born people who have become naturalized Mexican citizens. The Mexican constitution segregates immigrants and naturalized citizens from native-born citizens by denying immigrants basic human rights that Mexican immigrants enjoy in the United States. 

The Mexican diplomat was particularly vexed by our photographing of the event. ” DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS,” she commanded repeatedly.? Minutemen stated that in the USA , we have the right to photograph in public.
“No, you cannot take photos,” she insisted. Herrera and the diplomat then entered into a lengthy discussion in Spanish.

The man, (a gang member) above photo, displayed gang hand signals and yelled out “THIS IS OUR TERRITORY!” The Mexican diplomat witnessed and seemingly approved of the gang member at the “Mexican Only” event.

He appeared to be filling out an application – in his left hand above. Many have informally been told that in the Hispanic community only gang members wear black shoes. Note in the photo above, the only man in black shoes is the self-professed gang member.

Suddenly the door above opened, and the Mexican diplomat, came out yelling. The photo above is just before she lashed out.

To our utter amazement, the diplomat started to strike out at the Minutewoman! We were in a state of shock. As she yelled, she struck across the Minutewoman’s lower right jaw and lip, several times.

The Minutewoman above, in her left hand, used her sign as a shield, while pulling her camera back from the assaulting Mexican diplomat.

Ten minutes after the assault the Minutewoman still had a “stinging” sensation on her lip and jaw area.

Police arrived after the assault.

The police said they had been called by the consulate as they had reported that the Minutemen were inside the building yelling and pushing about. We never entered the building and had been quietly moving outside, on school property.

Herrera spoke with officers then requested they interview the diplomat. Per the officer’s request, the diplomat came forward.

“They must leave,” she said to the officer. But the officer replied, “No, this is a public school and they can be here.”

The diplomat then said that we must stop photographing them. “Ma’am,” the officer informed her, “You are in a public area and they can photograph.”

The officer then asked her, “Do you have the paperwork to use this facility.” “Yes,” she replied. “I would like to see it,” the officer said,

“I don’t have the paperwork with me,” she said back to him.

“I would like to see your identification, ” the officer said.

“No, you can’t,” she said to the officer. The officer at this point followed her inside of the building.
“I have no identification with me. I did not drive,”she finally said as the officer pursued the issue. At this point, the door shut and the officer remained inside of the building.

After the officer spoke with the diplomat, he returned to his vehicle and spoke on his cell phone for about 15 to 20 minutes.

After he hung up, he met with us. He said the consulate did not have paperwork but that he had spoken to the individual who had granted the use of the school. He said that we could continue to assemble on the school property.

He appeared sympathetic about the Minutewoman assault, but said the Mexican Consulate staff had diplomatic immunity.

Contact the school authorities:
Adult Education – San Juan Capistrano School District

Express your stance on the issue of the Mexican Consulate’s mobile matricula consular ID center and a Mexican diplomat assaulting an American woman on U.S. public school property

What is a Matricula Consular card?

Matricula Consular cards are identification cards issued by the Mexican government to mainly illegal immigrants living in the United States . Currently, more than 350 financial institutions accept Matricula Consular cards as “proof” of identification thereby allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to have access to mainstream U.S. financial services.

Photos at the link.

Every one of the illegal immigration assclowns in Congress, Senate, and the politicians in “sanctuary” states, should be forced to take up residence on the border. They’re insulated by money, power, and exclusive neighborhoods. They don’t have to live with the consequences of their elitist dictation. Let them have an up close and personal experience right in the path of the tresspass, murders, theft, vandalism, and assaults that plague the American citizens who live on the border. Maybe that will smack them out of their liberal coma.

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