The Truth About Tax ‘Fairness’

From Powerline.

Stephen Moore is the invaluable editorial board member and senior economics writer at the Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of one of the books of the season: Who’s The Fairest of Them All: The Truth About Opportunity, Taxes and Wealth in America, just published by Encounter Books.

The book addresses a a subject close to our heart; John and I took a whack at it in the 1995 essay “The Truth About Income Inequality.” Moore’s book gives us the state of the art. The video below provides a preview of the book’s take on tax “fairness.”

The wealthy, many of whom are job-creating business owners, already pay a lot of taxes. But the Democrats can’t resist using them as targets for their class war.

The Middle Class is burdened as well, and as the government runs out of upper tax bracket people to squeeze, the shit will run downhill.

The reality is that economies are healthier when taxes are kept at lower rates. This helps ease the stress on businesses, creates jobs, and encourages consumers. That’s something Obama just doesn’t get.  He’d rather demonize successful entrepreneurs and cripple small business owners than give up his socialist “redistribution” of wealth.


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