The UK Hospital That Killed Alfie Evans Also Sold Child Organs

Sick murderous fucks.

Via Western Journal

This must be the pride of socialized medicine.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, became notorious in international headlines last week as the site of the legal “execution” of a stricken toddler over the wishes of his parents, as well supporters of the parents on both sides of the Atlantic, and even in the Holy See.

But the hospital had a well-documented history of being the scene of abusive medical practices long before it admitted young Alfie Evans into what became his death chamber.

As the pro-life group Live Action reminded the public in a social media post Friday, Alder Hey was at the center of a British National Health Service scandal in the 1990s that involved hospitals throughout the national socialized medicine network harvesting and storing the organs of deceased children without the knowledge of the children’s parents.

A summary of a government report about the scandal, published by the U.K. Guardian in 2001, noted that the dead children’s “parents were distraught to find that thousands of body parts had been removed and kept in hospital storage.”

According to The Guardian, the organs in those cases were removed during autopsies, a standard practice. But the families were never informed that parts of the bodies of their children had been kept for research purposes.

But Alder Hey took that a step further by getting paid for some of the body parts it harvested.

The hospital actually transferred the thymus glands removed from living children during heart surgery to the French vaccine maker Aventis Pasteur in exchange for a small “donation.”

……An exact number of the organs wasn’t reported, but it was believed to be in the hundreds.

……At the time of that report, a pediatrician associated with Alder Hey tried to justify the obviously ghoulish practice of removing bodily organs from living children and selling them without the knowledge of the parents by saying the company produced a drug that helped treat children with anemia.

……But the fact remains that a British hospital, part of the country’s vaunted system of socialized medicine, was harvesting organs from living children and selling them to a commercial company without the knowledge of the people who really mattered.



Such is the filthy, impersonal, and antiquated bureaucracy of the British NHS.

The British health care system is an assembly line of death. And it looks like they make a tidy profit from it, as well.



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