The Virginia Dem Dumpster Fire: More Allegations of Sexual Assault

They should get the same treatment they gave Brett Kavanaugh.

Via Fox News

Greg Gutfeld and the panel on “The Five” discussed the apparent parallels between the scurrilous 2018 allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the situations swirling around Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D-Va.).

Northam’s 1984 yearbook page recently ignited controversy when it was discovered to have a racist photo on it. Fairfax, meanwhile, denied an allegation that he sexually assaulted a woman at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Massachusetts.

“What a beautiful bed the Democrats have made for themselves,” Gutfeld remarked, noting that the dueling controversies in Richmond mirror in some ways the allegations against Kavanaugh from his nomination period.

Gutfeld said the press and the Democrats closely studied Kavanaugh’s college yearbook, where he disclosed his affinity for alcoholic beverages and used words like “boofing.”

At the same time, Kavanaugh was being accused by at least three women of sexual misconduct.

“It combines the excesses of the Kavanaugh demonization — what were the two big sins that rose to the top — one was his yearbook, and then you also had the notion that we must believe everyone. So, you had the sexual assault [allegations] going back 30 years.”

“These events are now in the same case, at each other’s throats [in Virginia],” Gutfeld said. “Both are apparently supposed to be believed at the same time. How long can this last?”

Jesse Watters said the Commonwealth of Virginia is starting to resemble a political “dumpster fire,”……


The Virginia Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, just got accused of a second sexual assault:

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was hit with a new allegation of sexual assault on Friday afternoon, just days after the embattled Democrat was accused of assaulting a separate woman in 2004.

Fairfax denied the newest claim, labeling it “demonstrably false.”

Meridith Watson was “raped” by Justin Fairfax in 2000 “while they were both students at Duke University,” Smith Mullin P.C., legal counsel representing Watson, alleged in a Friday news release.

“Mr. Fairfax’s attack was premeditated and aggressive,” the release went on to claim. “The two were friends but never dated or had any romantic relationship.

“Ms. Watson shared her account of the rape with friends in a series of emails and Facebook messages that are now in our possession. Additionally, we have statements from former classmates corroborating that Ms. Watson immediately told friends that Mr. Fairfax had raped her.”

Fairfax quickly denied the claim.

“I deny this latest unsubstantiated allegation. It is demonstrably false. I have never forced myself on anyone ever,” Fairfax said in a statement.

“I demand a full investigation into these unsubstantiated and false allegations,” Fairfax insisted. “Such an investigation will confirm my account because I am telling the truth.”

……Fairfax would ostensibly replace Northam if the governor resigned.

Following the Northam and initial Fairfax allegation, Attorney General Mark Herring — in line to become governor if Northam and Fairfax resign — admitted putting on blackface in the 1980s, when he was a college student. Herring had previously called on Northam to resign and came forward after rumors about the existence of a blackface photo of him began circulating at the Capitol.

Although the Democratic Party has taken almost a zero-tolerance approach to misconduct among its members in this #MeToo era, a housecleaning in Virginia could be costly: If all three Democrats resign, Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox would become governor.


Rape, sexual assault, pedophilia, and sexual misconduct is rampant throughout the Left.

Some of the perps are Dem politicians and they’re still in office.



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1 thought on “The Virginia Dem Dumpster Fire: More Allegations of Sexual Assault”

  1. It’s a regrettable lack of judgement to be overlooked or forgiven if you are a Democrat. It’s a reprehensible and vile act that needs to be commented on and dissected in depth while the alleged perpetrator is demonized, threatened, shunned and found guilty before any credible evidence can be assembled,if you are a Conservative. Hang the lying son-of-a-bitch by his balls while the “investigation” grinds on. Isn’t that how it’s done nowadays? What’s good for one is good for all. Let the truth prevail.

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