The Weiner Saga

After all the uncovered character flaws and corruption that came out about this crapweasel, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

After claiming his Twitter account was hacked by someone who posted lewd photos of his boner, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) finally admits the ‘hacker’ was none other than himself, but to date, refuses to step down.
Of course, the Dem moonbats are looking under rocks  for excuses, claiming it ‘could happen to anybody’, yeah, as long as that anybody is a liberal jackass.  Rachel Maddow, the civil (?) version of Keith Olbermann, put out some pretty stupid theories about how Weiner’s Twitter account could have been hacked. 

Twitter user Dan Wolfe (known as @patriotusa76) was falsely accused of being the one who hacked into Weiner’s account.  Wolfe in fact was the first person to copy the yfrog URL of the now infamous lewd image sent from the @RepWeiner twitter account and then tweet it from his own account. In other words, he saw Weiner’s tweet, and passed it along. Wolfe welcomedthe FBI to investigate. After Wolfe’s name was brought up as the one who exposed Weiner’s antics, a contingent of leftwing scumbags proceeded to threaten his life.

If a Republican had pulled that ‘personal matter’ bullshit, the Dems would blame Bush and the GOP dating back to 1854. 

Weiner’s wife by the way, is pregnant, and she has decided to do that Tammy Wynette thing and Stand by Her Man. I’m touched, and I wonder how long it’s gonna be before she finally has the dignity to kick his ass to the curb.  This isn’t just a dumb mistake, it’s blatant extra-marital sexual propositions. He exchanged lurid texts and photos online, in spite of his public position and marriage.

What a douchebag. What a pig. What an asshole. The concept of fidelity and class are totally void from his character.

The Democrats were late to the calls for resignation party. Hey Dems, if you’re so hellbent on ‘draining the swamp’, start with Weiner. He’ll likely get nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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  1. Hi!

    Just want to thank you for kindly citing my article here! We conservative bloggers need to stick together and get a real grass movement started. Most Americans don’t buy into the crazy progressive agenda. They just think they are the only ones who feel that way. I have proved, through an in depth study of the stock market, that 6 private families and/or groups have purchased ALL American news- both conservative & liberal. They have split it evenly between themselves. They also own all the t.v. shows and movie production companies. Basically, they can control the message. The internet is the only place where free press still exists. And Lieberman has quietly introduced a new bill (it’s on the Senate floor now) to give Obama FULL control of the Internet for 30 days without needing to justify it to anyone. The ‘real’ news is not covering these events. If we lose the Internet, we have nothing left. In any case, thanks again. Btw: you found my article via my secondary blog, Rants n Rages, who carried all my articles. I am no longer with them- but you can get all my articles directly from my primary blog: Short Little Rebel on word press! I welcome you all.. blog on!

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