This is Actual Hate Speech But It’s Against White People So It’s Fine

This is a collection of spews by racist black sewer dwellers on Twitter.  It’s full of “I hate whitey”, death threats, wistful thoughts of white genocide, “Imma this, Imma that”, “Imma kill white people”…..etc.

The mangling of the English language and ignorant bumbling attempts at speaking ‘troof ta powa‘, are a clear reflection of inherent ignorance.

via BIPOC racism on Twitter

Yeah, that’s why you’re illiterate, your demographic commits the most crime, and you fill prisons to capacity.


So, judging people by the content of their character is out of the question.


Blacks are killing each other in droves, but the only ones that “matter” are the ones killed in confrontations with cops. You need to deal with that before you blame others. As with most BLM mouthpieces, you’re very selective.



But, what if the white part of the genetic equation has the opposite effect?


I know I sound stupid, but….


Facebook is okay with this:


But they’re black bigots, so it’s okay.

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