This Latest Deep State Stunt Against President Trump Will Fail Like the Rest

They’re 0 for 3.

First impeachment shitshow: Fail

Second impeachment shitshow: Fail

“Russian collusion”: Fail

President Trump has been through the gauntlet of illegal and unconstitutional tactics by the Dems’ weaponized agencies. And he still remains unscathed.

This is the latest bullshit being pushed by the corrupt DOJ and FBI.

The classified materials the FBI seized from the Mar-a-Lago estate were to be declassified under a “standing order” while he was president that allowed him to take sensitive materials to the White House residence at night to keep working.  He also ordered the DOJ to  declassify intelligence documents from its role in the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax. Merrick Garland ignored the order.


Jesse Watters Primetime

NED RYUN: I’m convinced that that demented weasel Merrick Garland is going to try and get Donald Trump indicted by a rigged D.C. jury before the midterms. In these times, we don’t need strongly worded letters. We don’t need worthless oversight hearings. We need defund, dismantle and people need to go to jail. The reason that they keep on getting away with this is because nobody has consequences. Nobody went to jail for the abuse of the Russian collusion conspiracy spygate stuff

Because nobody went to jail there were no consequences, they’re going to continue to do this until we actually forcefully confront them and say we’re going to dismantle the FBI and people will go to jail for their abuse of power, we’re going to continue to see more of the same. We actually need real Republican leadership, and we have not seen any of it so far.





Hillary smashed iPhones with hammers and poured acid over 30,000 emails under subpoena. The FBI never raided her house in Chappaqua. They came over and had lunch and handed out immunity deals like candy. There’s a mountain of hard evidence that the Biden family was involved in a massive international pay-to-play scheme with our biggest enemies, Russia and China. Hunter was getting bribed with diamonds. Joe was getting kickbacks from communists. There’s pictures, voicemails, banking records. But the FBI buried that to get Joe in the White House.

The FBI had a mole inside Mar a Lago.





This is the same FBI that ignored all the warnings about the Parkland shooter, and the red flags and information about the Boston Marathon bombers. The same FBI that concocted the Whitmer kidnap plotThe same FBI that protected Clinton, Comey and continues to protect Hunter Biden. But they dedicated SWAT teams to raid the home of a former President, they target American citizens who speak out against CRT indoctrination, and classify people who challenge authoritarian Covid measures and question the integrity of elections, as “domestic terrorists”.  Because that’s what the Dems want.

The FBI has a lengthy history of corruption. The ethically bankrupt agency spends its time and effort obsessing over bogus investigations of President Trump’s campaign and persecuting innocent Jan 6 protesters.   The corruption and crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Biden Crime Family, not so much.

Gregg Jarrett:

“Equal Justice Under Law” is engraved on the ornate pediment above the entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court.   The Department of Justice and the FBI continue to hurl eggs at it.

Monday’s pre-dawn raid by a battalion of FBI agents on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home represents an abandonment of the cherished principle embedded in our Constitution that the law will be equally applied to all of its citizens.  Instead, political status now dictates whether a person receives fair treatment in a supposedly fair justice system.

If you check the box marked “Republican” on a political affiliation form, brace yourself for persecution and prosecution.  If you check “Democrat,” you’ll be granted special elevated status.  You’re untouchable.  Just ask Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

The evidence is indisputable that Clinton, while serving as Secretary of State, converted tens of thousands of government records to her private email server in the basement of her home.  In simple terms, she was stealing.  She committed at least 110 crimes under the Espionage Act representing the number of documents that the FBI determined were classified and top secret.  She jeopardized America’s national security by exposing vital secrets to our enemies.  The State Department discovered her computer was successfully hacked.

But that’s not all.  When Congress instructed Clinton to preserve all of her documents, she destroyed more than 30,000 of them while wiping her server clean by using file-deleting software.  Her mobile devices were broken in half or demolished with hammers.  Her willful destruction of government property constituted another set of crimes, including obstruction.

Did the FBI ever raid Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, to seize the incriminating evidence she kept there?  No.  Just the opposite occurred.  Without authority, then-FBI Director James Comey absolved Clinton despite overwhelming evidence of criminality that he spelled out in his infamous July 5, 2016 news conference.

Months later when Comey was fired for usurping the power of the Attorney General, he stole government documents from the FBI.  He did it for the admitted purpose of leaking them to the media to trigger the appointment of a special counsel to investigation Trump over phony allegations of Russian “collusion” that Hillary invented and the FBI exploited.  We know how that capacious witch hunt turned out.

Did the FBI ever raid Comey’s home to retrieve the documents he pilfered?  Did the DOJ charge him with theft of government property?  Of course not.  Don’t be silly.

This brings us to Hunter Biden.  His notorious laptop contains a trove of damning documents and emails that offer compelling evidence of multiple enrichment schemes with foreign entities that forked over millions of dollars for access to Joe Biden and the power he wielded as Vice President.  Instead of a multiple count indictment for influence peddling, money laundering, tax fraud, and foreign lobbying crimes, a four-year investigation has produced nothing.

Did the FBI ever raid Hunter’s home to obtain additional evidence?  Or Joe Biden’s home, since the laptop implicates him as involved in his son’s profiteering scams?  You know the answer.  Don’t be dense.

The FBI doesn’t abide by the law when Democrats are involved.  The agency obstructs it.  They’re running a protection racket for the Bidens.

……Ten months later when news of the laptop broke, 51 former intelligence agents publicly bashed it as Russian disinformation.   The FBI knew it was a lie that the bureau helped invent.  So, officials remained mute to help Biden get elected.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has done nothing to cleanup his cesspool of an agency.  He seems more interested in covering up acts of malfeasance and misfeasance.  But the FBI is not alone in abusing its powers to protect partisan allies and punish political adversaries.  The whistleblowers have also identified a top official within Merrick Garland’s Justice Department who has done the same.

……Garland despises Republicans for denying him a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Covering up for a Democratic president is his vengeance.  He’s the attorney general in name only.  Like Robert Duvall’s character in “The Godfather,” Garland serves as Biden’s “consigliere.”  He’s Joe’s protector, by hook or by crook.

As long as Garland and Wray preside over our nation’s law enforcement, “Equal Justice Under Law” is a farce.

The laws she violated include:

Mishandling Classified Information
Executive Order 13526 and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code make it unlawful to send or store classified information on personal email.
Violation of The 2009 Federal Records Act
Section 1236.22 of the 2009 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements states that:
“Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record keeping system.”

By the way, Hillary also directed the removal of classified markings to disguise the documents:

I was an intelligence analyst for the bulk of my Army career. I had a TS/SCI clearance. If I had done a fraction of what this scrunt has gotten away with, I’d have been Court Martialed, given a dishonorable discharge, and thrown under Leavenworth.

Hillary, Comey, and every participant in the cover-up belongs in prison.

By the way, the same FBI agents involved in the Mar a Lago raid are being criminally investigated by John Durham for their role in the Russia collusion hoax.

The bureau needs to be dismantled from the top down. The criminal malfeasants in the agency should be indicted and prosecuted. We know that won’t happen because agencies weaponized by Dem regimes trample all over the Constitution while Congress does nothing.

The DOJ is just as corrupt.



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