Thoughts on the Romney/Ryan Candidacy

Mitt Romney:

I’ll get this out front: I admit I’m very leery of the Mormon religion. I’m agnostic, so I don’t care for religion in general. I care even less for one that by it’s very nature, is exclusive and cultist.

Joseph Smith was a neurotic con man who concocted the “Gold Bible,” engraved on metal plates in an “Egyptian dialect” only he could read, with the aid of magic goggles. He dictated this manuscript to several secretaries from behind a curtain, which is amazing considering he was illiterate.

Brigham Young, the other prominent Mormon figure, was a cold-blooded murderer. (Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857)

It’s hard to respect followers of a religion founded by a couple of wackjobs.  The history of the Mormons in Utah reads like a chapter out of the Book of Mafia.

In fairness, I went to Romney’s campaign website to get specifics about where he stands on the issues facing America.  His plans for repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with a more sound policy, the military, the 2nd Amendment, illegal aliens, foreign policy, taxes, social security, spending, and smaller, limited government, seem pretty sound.

In the past he talked the conservative talk, but didn’t walk the walk. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson.

From what I’ve listened to in his speeches and read in his voting record, as long as Mitt Romney doesn’t allow the fringes of Mormonism or his brief lapses into flip-flopping to cloud his judgement and decision-making, he can get this country back on the right track.

Paul Ryan:

A visit to his website shows strong positions on  domestic, international, and economic issues. He’s committed  to repealing ObamaCare, strengthening America’s national security and foreign policies, dealing with illegals, supporting the military and veterans’ benefits, improving jobs and the economy, an apology-free approach to the war against Islamofascism, and support of Israel.

Romney made an excellent choice by picking Ryan as his running mate.  He’s smart, articulate, and he’s not timid when it comes to standing up to Dem union hacks or Obama’s arrogant narcissism.  He impressed the hell out of me when he  single-handedly chewed Obama a new asshole over the reality of ObamaCare, spending, the debt, and the deficit.

He will make a fine Vice President.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Romney/Ryan Candidacy”

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  2. I’m an an intransigent atheist and I guarantee that Romney’s religion is no more violent or insane than Christianity, Judaism or Islam. It’s a wash.

    What I worry about is this: Can Romney withstand the moral blast from the Left? Will his moral compass go haywire when under attack from Progressive, self-righteous assholes, who are self-proclaimed moral prophets of the middle class and the down trodden?

    Will he give us the Romney version of Bush’s Drugs for Seniors? Will he cave to the Left’s insane drumbeat for more government control of wealth to help the poor?

    Though I find all religions to be an offense to reason I would wish that his would give him the moral backbone to tell the moral poseurs of the Left to shove it when they argue for greater State power, no matter what the pretended reason.

    That is the big question in my mind. And the same question applies to Ryan.

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