Time Magazine’s Forum for Islamic Jihad

Right on par with CAIR, Al Jazeera, and MEMRI.

Via Robert Spencer at FrontPage Magazine.

Time Magazine has published a classic example of the Islamic supremacist attempt to position Muslims as victims and deflect attention away from the global jihad. This effort has, of course, gained a new impetus from the Norway murders, which the Left and their Islamic supremacist allies are using as a pretext to discredit all resistance to jihad activity of any kind.

 ……Media bias? Media support for the jihad? What else is new? Is anyone doing anything else these days? Still, I think it important to answer as many as I can of these and show the truth:

“When Slogans Beget Slaughter,” by Ishaan Tharoor, was published by Time Magazine on August 6.

More here: http://frontpagemag.com/2011/08/11/time-magazine-joins-the-jihad/

“When Slogans Beget Slaughter”….like “Allah U Akbar”.

Nothing Time does surprises me anymore.  Like Newsweek, it’s become a mouthpiece for every leftwingnut and Islamofascist wackjob and their Dhimmi supporters, who want to get their anti-American hate speech in print.

Congratulations, Time.  Bin Laden would be proud.

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