Time to Get Rid of the Biggest Hate Group in America: the Democratic Party

No one does hate like the Left.

It would be the best thing for the country.

From John Kass at the Chicago Tribune

……But there’s one thing wrong with Sharpton. It’s not that he goes too far. It’s that he doesn’t go far enough.

Because if he and others of the Cultural Revolution were being intellectually honest, they’d demand that along with racist statues, something else would be toppled.

And this, too, represents much of America’s racist history:

The Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party historically is the party of slavery. The Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow laws. The Democratic Party fought civil rights for a century.

And so by rights — or at least by the standards established by the Cultural Revolutionaries of today’s American left — we should ban the Democratic Party.

Not only get rid of it in the present, but strike its very name from the history books, and topple all Democratic statues of leaders who benefited, prospered and became wealthy by cleaving to the party. And shame Democrats until they confess the truth of it.

The Democratic Party’s military arm in the South was the KKK. The Democratic Party opposed the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, making the former slaves citizens of the United States and giving them the vote.

If the new Cultural Revolution was serious, wouldn’t it also demand that the Democratic Party be put in a museum somewhere, away from decent people, along with those Confederate statues?

We could put Democrats in exhibits, behind glass, watching white political bosses chomp cigars and pass out goodies for votes, as minorities were relegated, as they are today, to failing schools and lost educational opportunity and neighborhoods that have become killing fields for the young and old.

And in great museums, the Democrats could be studied, safely, without endangering the sensibilities of the children.

We might even peer down on an animatronic Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, once a leader of the KKK. And with him, prominent animatronic Democrats who, just a few short years ago, said wonderful, moving things about Byrd after his funeral.

That’s how it is with history. You can’t say the Democratic Party wasn’t the slavery party. It’s historical fact.

Just as it is also historical fact that the Republican Party was the party of abolitionists.

I mentioned this to a Democrat who was all for the removal of Confederate statues in the South, and I told him I wasn’t all that opposed, either.

He thought I was being sarcastic. But when I reminded him that his party was the slavery party, the KKK party, the anti-civil rights party from the 1860s to the 1960s, and should be put into a museum, he made a sour face.

“You’re really taking this satire too far,” he said. “The Democratic Party isn’t a statue. It’s an institution.”

If the Cultural Revolutionaries want to topple statues, they can be my guest. They’re so inflamed lately — and if you don’t believe it, just read the papers — that if you dare disagree with them, you run the risk of being denounced by their high priests as a bigot or as someone without moral character.

My guess is that most Americans are afraid of social punishment. So, the offensive statues will go, and then perhaps offensive iconography, offensive images, offensive books.

One book comes to mind. Let me quote a passage from it.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

George Orwell. “1984.”

More from Rush Limbaugh:

……These people are on a tear to delegitimize this entire country, as part of their effort to transform it and — dare I say — overthrow it however they might try to make that happen. But it is absurd — and during all of this, what I notice is that people on our side of the aisle, we kind of chuckle. “Ha-ha-ha. Listen to Reverend Sharpton, he’s off on another wild tangent.”

……This stupid reasoning that Sharpton comes up with, that he somehow has some personal involvement in what Thomas Jefferson did, he’s got some personal stake? His life has been negatively influenced because of Thomas Jefferson? And these people don’t even take the time to explain the contributions of Thomas Jefferson and the other founders in creating the single greatest place for human beings to reside in the history of this planet.

We’re all a product of our times. But even with slavery, if you go back (and we discussed it on this program countless times), the founders knew that it was a deep problem. They had a compromise they had to make. Boiling this down to it’s simplest essence… It’s always dangerous when you do that, I acknowledge. But the people of the original 13 colonies wanted to get out from underneath the boot of the king in England. They wanted to found a nation based on religious liberty and universal liberty. They had to be together to do this.

There had to be a union. There had to be a united front organized around the principles of independence rooted in liberty, religious liberty, and otherwise. Well, that included some of the Southern colonies. And slavery came up, and it was a compromise issue in order for the union to be created. But if you take the time to read some of the founding documents, some of the history, you’ll find that many of the founders from the North were very uncomfortable with this. They didn’t like it.

They weren’t crazy about it, didn’t want any part of it, but they had to make a compromise for it. Constitution of this country and other founding documents were set up so as to allow amendments and change and accommodations, and that’s exactly what happened. Eventually this country eliminated slavery — and, in part, went to war to do so, with over 500,000 lives lost. That feat and that achievement and that accomplishment is now ignored, discounted as irrelevant and unreal. Because if they acknowledge it, then they have to admit that what they’re complaining about was dealt with.

And their whole argument resides on the notion that it hasn’t changed, that there still is, for all intents and purposes, slavery. There still is racism. There still is bigotry. And now it’s been joined by a bunch of Nazis and Klan members — and the Klan was all Democrats, and the segregationists in the South were all Democrats. I’d like to ask a question about this, for those of you on the left. You want to tear down the statues of Robert E. Lee and you want to tear down, now, the Jefferson Memorial if you’re Al Sharpton.

But you want to get rid of all of these monuments that have been erected to people and events in our nation’s past, tied to the Civil War, which you find horribly, horribly offensive and you want to get rid of all vestiges. Well, at what point are you gonna realize that you also have to disband the Democrat Party? If you’re gonna really succeed and follow through to the end on this mission, you’ve got to get rid of the Democrat Party, and you have got to wipe a bunch of people out of it. You gotta get rid of J. William Fulbright.

You gotta get rid of all those Southern governors. You gotta get rid of all those Southern police chiefs. You got to tear down every highway in West Virginia named after Robert Byrd and rename it, because he was a Grand Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan. So just how far are you leftists prepared to go here in carrying out your cleansing mission to eliminate all reminders of our horrid, racist past? And then after you do this, could you please tell me how the lives of all of you people are going to magically be improved?

Could you explain to me how, at that fateful day when you have eliminated every monument, when you have changed every name of a building and highway — and there’s hundreds of them named after Robert Byrd in West Virginia alone. After you have thrown Bull Connor and J. William Fulbright and Algore’s dad out of the Democrat Party, and then to be intellectually pure you have to admit the Democrat Party from the founding days of the country were the people that did this.

And yet they are your party today. That is where you vote. So at some point are you going to have to eliminate the Democrat Party? If you do, if you cleanse all of these uncomfortable and painful reminders — the statues are down, the roads are renamed, all of these monuments are gone — how is your life on that day made better? How is your standard of living impacted? How is your overall degree of happiness measured?

And I guarantee you they haven’t thought this far because that’s not what any of this is about. We’re dealing hip deep with an unhinged irrationality that has the full-fledged support of the American media, which remains the organizing power today that projects the power of the American and the worldwide left.

The Democrat party is the biggest hate group on the planet. Their political platform involves hate, rage, and bigotry.

They embrace ‘occupy’ thugs, ‘black lives matter‘ criminals, and ‘Antifa‘ malfeasants.  The Dems and the leftwing media own this violence. They foster it, praise it, and support it .

The Left engages in some of the worst hate speech, violence, and threats on record.

They spew misogynist hatred toward female conservatives, fling racial slurs at black Republicans and Hispanic Republicans for refusing to be exploited, and leaving the Dem plantation.  They especially hate white Republican/Tea Party members and hurl psychotic death threats at them for good measure.

They persecute Christians for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes.

They hate cops, the military, (remember when Dick Durbin stood on the floor of the US Senate and called American troops ‘Nazis’?) and the American flag.

While Obama was in office, anyone who spoke out against his corruption, crimes, and Constitutional violations, was labeled a ‘racistbigot, hater’,  ad nauseum.

Late night ‘comedy’ is now a platform for hate-spewing assclowns who vent their spleens against Trump and Americans who are fed up with liberal malfeasance.

Speaking of ‘comedy’, Jimmy Kimmel appeared in black face to mock black athletes.

Keith Olbermann spends his time spewing hate on Twitter for president Trump and Republicans.

Joy Reid published anti-gay comments in her blog. She’s still employed by NBC.

Jemele Hill, another racist ESPN hack, rants about ‘white supremacy’.

And then there are gems like this:



The Southern Poverty Law Center should have them on their list of ‘hate groups’. But, the SPLC is itself a leftwing hate group.

Bottom line: Dems have morphed into the fascists they warned us about.

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  1. get rid of dems forever by gun point if need be then HANG THEM FOR TREASON AND LIEING STEALING and destroying our country and youth they are the reason we have the 2nd admendment they are our enemy within

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