To the West: The Reasons for the Renewed Islamofascist Jihad

Ya think?:
Britain’s MI5 chief issued a warning that Syria-based al Qaeda plans to launch more attacks at the West.

Dhimmihood and kowtowing has taken its toll. No wonder the muzzie terrorists feel so confident, given the lack of fortitude on the part of Western nations.

The West had better wake up and realize that these muzzie mutherfuckers are serious and we need to do what it takes to eradicate them from the gene pool.
We should be pounding the Islamofascist nation-states with some well-placed MOABs and neutron bombs instead of cartoons.

This wave of Islamic-based atrocities has been building for a while. There’s been a multitude of attacks, with no real response from Europe or the United States. As a matter of fact, it’s been a one-sided ass-kissing policy for decades.

Islamic swine continue to target and kill innocent people in the name of their religion, yet they find a welcoming committee in the form of a European Union that greets them with open arms. They are pandered to by a continent of Socialist numbskulls who would rather capitulate to a brutal theocracy than fight.

Europe is starting to realize that multiculturalism fails because the “immigrants” violently refuse to assimilate. They want to plant a big, fat, Crescent flag in the capitols, and the countries they infiltrate tolerate that.

Here are just some of the examples of the weapons-grade stupidity that make us a target. You just can’t make this shit up.


Britain put out the welcome mat for Islamofascist muzzies a while back and now they’re reaping the consequences. British protocol involves bend-over-backwards Dhimmihood.  The muslim thugs in Britain feel quite welcome there for good reason.

Britain sends money to their jihadist pals, they get special attention to their sensitivities, and the British government is producing public relations campaigns that would make Neville Chamberlain blush.

Anjem Choudary, one of Britain’s most rabid Islamic shitbags, and his contingent of jihadists are still living there. They murder British Soldiers in the streets and bomb civilian transportation.

British police charged a man with making ‘malicious statements’ about the muslim pigs who hacked the British Soldiers to death.

A British motorist was told to remove the British flag from his car because it could be ‘offensive’ to muslims.

In 2008, Britain, Germany, and Japan contributed millions of dollars to a fund to buy off Taliban gunmen who fought British troops in southern Afghanistan.  It didn’t work.

In 2010, a UK teacher was fired after objecting to muzzie students praising terrorists.

London police covered up a muslim hate campaign that targeted suburbs for Sharia enclaves.

An Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 government grant.

The muzzie population in Britain is so emboldened by the cowardice of the British government that they flung epithets and hate speech toward British Soldiers during a homecoming parade.

The Brits should consider ISIS propaganda a big fucking red flag for things to come.

Families of terrorist bombers receive millions of dollars from Britain and the European Union.

Two schoolboys were punished with detention for refusing to kneel and pray to allah.

Police K9 dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of Muslim suspects so as not to cause offense.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips, the most senior judge in England, gave his blessing to the use of Sharia Law.


How France legitimizes muzzie violence when they get ‘offended’.

The recent terrorist attacks by muslims in Paris are just the latest violence.

Muslims rioted in 2005 and 2010 because they were pissed about the deaths of two muzzie punks who were electrocuted when they hid in a power station believing they were being chased by police, and the shooting death of a muzzie criminal who robbed a casino. Apparently, they don’t think they’re getting the preferential treatment they deserve.

City officials have increasingly ceded control of Muslim ‘mini states’ in Paris neighborhoods.

A French muslim killed three French troops, a rabbi and his two small kids, and the 10-year-old daughter of the principal of a Jewish school to ‘revenge the death of Palestinian children’.


Amsterdam is one of the hotbeds of Islamic extremism in Europe. Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, the grandson of Vincent Van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 by Islamofascist pig Mohammed Bouyeri, on a street in Amsterdam. The scumbag was sentenced to life in prison and solitary confinement so that he wouldn’t become a ‘prison prophet’. Van Gogh’s film Submission was a collaborative effort with an ex-Muslim member of the Dutch Parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  The work criticized the maltreatment of women under Islamic law.  Bouyeri took exception to the criticism.  Fatima Elatik, the muslim Integration Advisor and president of the Oost (East) district council of Amsterdam, joined other muslim fanatics by expressing joy over the terrorist act.

Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker, was charged in court and subsequently acquitted with ‘inciting hatred’ toward muslims. His ‘crime’ was telling the truth about Islam.


A muslim terrorist shot and killed a Canadian Soldier guarding a war memorial and attacked the parliament in Ottawa.

The Canadian  “Human Rights Commission” brought charges against author Mark Steyn for an article he wrote in Maclean’s titled “America Alone”. The article discussed the rise of Islamofascism and the contributing factor of Western complicity in its ascension.  The charges were finally dropped after public outrage.


Radical muzzies rioted and committed arson after the police killed a raving  69-year-old man wielding a machete in the suburb of Husby.

The United States:

Come to think of it, we have our own muslim threats to contend with here, not the least of which is a Dhimmi for a president. If America is going to be the last line of defense against Islamofascist aggression, we’re in deep shit, too.

Al Qaeda holds Death To The West conferences in  Chicago, there’s a substantial radical muzzie enclave in Dearborn, Michigan,  and Jamaat Al Fuqra terrorists have established training centers across the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab-American Action Network, and CAIR, three major facilitators of Islamic terrorism, operate freely in America. A government report concluded that Hezbollah has been forming sleeper cells throughout the United States that could become operational. What the hell are any of them doing here?  They have no damned business being in this country.

This is not a new phenomenon. The craven surrender and casual approach to muslim thuggery runs the gamut from politicians to the military hierarchy to the media.


Bubba Clinton’s total failure to fight terrorism: Several terrorist attacks occurred on his watch—Khobar Towers, USS Cole, the U.S. Embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, and the FIRST attack on the World Trade Center in 1993—all of them went unanswered. Instead, he wagged-the-dog in Somalia and the Balkans. The Sudanese arrested Bin Laden in 1996, and offered to extradite him. Bubba refused. Three times after Aug. 20, 1998, when Clinton ordered the only missile strike of his presidency against bin Laden’s organization, the CIA came close enough to pinpointing bin Laden that Clinton authorized final preparations to launch. In each case, (Clinton’s) doubts about the intelligence aborted the mission. Bin Laden got away.

Radical muslims and members of Congress and the Senate betray our country by giving aid and support to the enemy.

Al Gore sold his obscure TV channel to terrorist mouthpiece Al Jazeera.

George Bush:

He really wussed out when he apologized for an American sniper’s use of a copy of the koran for target practice. The Army disciplined the sniper and removed him from Iraq.  It seems some perpetually outraged muzzies found the koran on a firing range in Radwaniyah, west of Baghdad, with 14 bullet holes in it and graffiti written on its pages. The only thing the Soldier should have been reprimanded for is wasting 14 bullets on a book instead of the heads of 14 Islamic jihadists.

As for the war on Islamic terrorism, he picked up the gauntlet thrown by Islamic thugs and shoved it up their asses in Iraq and Afganistan, but overall, he was too restrained. He didn’t go far enough. He should have leveled every Middle Eastern Islamic nation-state on 12 September 2001. That is how you fight a jihad. But I’m a former Soldier, not a politician.

The military hierarchy:

Just months after the 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon invited Al Qaeda leader Anwar Al Alawki to dinner as part of a fatuous “outreach program”.

Anwar al Awlaki was recruited by the Army to train muslim chaplains.

An Ohio Army Reserve public affairs unit paid a friendly visit to a mosque that is a known terrorist sponsor.

The DOD classifies muslim acts of terrorism against the military as “workplace violence”.

Pentagon official Peter Lavoy kowtowed to muslims over burnt korans.

The Pentagon insists we’re not at war with a violent theocracy that’s at war with us.

Draft Army Manual: ‘Don’t Criticize Taliban or Islam, Don’t Advocate Women’s Rights, Don’t Criticize Pedophilia’

Defense Secretary Chuckie Hagel was grilled over the idiocy of an Army Lieutenant Colonel’s email depicting patriots and Christians as ‘racists and terrorists’.

General George Casey was more worried about a ‘backlash against muslims’ than he was about the fact that muslim Army Major Nidal Hasan slaughtered 13 Soldiers at Ft. Hood for Islam.

Speaking of Nidal Hasan, after his rampage, the Army went looking for scapegoats and reprimanded 9 officers for “leadership failures” and “found that Hasan’s supervisors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he worked expressed serious concerns about his questionable behavior and poor judgment but failed to heed their own warnings.” Hasan’s bloody attack would have been prevented if the United States Army didn’t create an environment of fear-based political correctness. The motherfucker spewed Islamic rhetoric during briefings, signed his emails with “Praise Be to Allah,” and told a female supervisor she was an infidel who would be “ripped to shreds” and “burn in hell” because she was not muslim. But, no one took it up through the chain of command because gawd forbid that they violate some EO reg and “offend” someone.

This is the same Army hierarchy that refuses to acknowledge radical muslims in the ranks.

The Pentagon announced that it will discipline service members who espouse Judeo-Christian beliefs and hired rabid anti-Christian leftwing nut Mikey Weinstein for the job.  Weinstein’s objective is to target Christians and Jews specifically.  Islam and all it’s violent rhetoric and atrocities isn’t on his radar.

American troops are instructed to bow to Sharia Law.

General Martin Dempsey urged Reverend Terry Jones to withdraw support of an anti-Islam film because it’s so much more offensive than muslim atrocities.

Former Army General Petraeus warns Reverand Jones’ church not to burn the koran in protest, it might offend the enemy.

And in one of the most shameful, embarrassing acts of prostration, Army General John Allen wee wee’d himself over the ‘improper disposal’ of a pile of korans.  Afghan laborers (who were most likely Taliban anyway) found charred copies of the screed while collecting rubbish at Bagram Airbase and promptly rioted for allah.

BTW: Muslims spit, urinate on, and burn bibles. Saudi Arabia makes bible burning an annual event. They burn churches and slaughter Christians by the bushel.  Where’s the fucking outrage?

The poufs in the Pentagon have less of a problem with the terrorist acts of muslims than what it takes to stop them.  Like wrath of (pardon the pun) biblical proportions.

I’m agnostic and even I can see that the Dhimmification of the United States military is complete.  With “leadership” like this, who the fuck needs Al Qaeda?

The nation’s security agencies:

The FBI gives terrorists escorted tours through top secret facilities.

The FBI got into the Dhimmi act by pulling training documents that told the truth about Muhammad being a cult leader and that devout Muslims have been generally violent for hundreds of years.

B. Hussein Obama is in a category all by himself:

His affinity for radical muslims, has a lengthy history. His asinine foreign policy involves aid to Hamas, the PLO, and the Muslim Brotherhood thugs in Egypt. He also makes a habit of apologizing for the incineration of a screed written by a 7th Century wackjob.

The government keeps giving weapons to the very enemy who hates us. It’s an act of certifiable insanity to finance and support a culture of enemies who declared jihad. Western civilization is its own worst enemy.

He disrespects Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East.

Obama proved what an abject shitbag he is by trading five of the worst Taliban thugs at GITMO for a deserter who also turned out to be a traitor.

The Obama regime believes its job is to promote Islam.

To top it off, the SCOAMF in Chief declared that the war on terrorism is over.

The media:

Comedy Central wimped out when Islamic nutbags threatened South Park creators over the portrayal of mohammad in one the episodes.

The New York Times reports on muslim proselytizing during Charlie Hebdo attacks then deletes it.

Media bringing the hate: blaming the victims of Islamic terror.

Sympathy for the devil: leftist media have a pity party for the Boston terrorists.

The leftwing politicizing of Bin Laden’s death begins, with some sympathy for him, to boot.


The West has gotten to the point where if a muzzie terrorist showed up at the front door of an average citizen with an AK-47 in one hand and a koran in the other, demanding that they ‘covert to Islam or die’ they would wet their pants and apologize for offending them.

Islamofascism is no less dangerous than Nazism and Soviet Imperialism. Its proponents seek world domination. Right now, the population across the globe and here in America is barely cognizant of the threat.

WE ARE AT WAR with a culture that wants to turn the world into a Caliphate and that combines terrorism with its religious doctrine. Some people can’t connect the dots between the slaughter of 3000 people in our country and atrocities across the world in the name of “Allah”. They declared war on Western civilization in 693AD. The first volley in the current war was fired in Tehran with the 1979 hostage crisis.

Muzzie terrorists are trained, funded, indoctrinated, supported, and bred all across the Middle East. It’s the epicenter of Islamofascism. This could have been finished years ago if we had actually fought a war instead of piecemeal battles. This war—any war— can be brought to a relatively quick finish by dedicating every military resource—tactical, strategic, and intelligence—to kill the enemy. They attack us, we annihilate them. Every single one of them. It isn’t hard. Pick your targets and commence fire. And don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings.

If we had worried about offending anyone in WWII, we’d be annexed to a Third Reich.

Unless or until Western civilization decides to put an end to the muslim threat, this war ain’t over by a long shot.

With all of the threats, violence, murders, and acts of terrorism, what more proof do you need?

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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