‘Tolerant’ Liberals Target Black Republican Tim Scott with Threats and Racist Voicemails

When you piss off the radicals this much, you know you’re right on target.

PJ Media

We’ve all heard liberals claim time and time again that Republicans are racist and Democrats are the epitome of tolerance. Have you met liberals who suggested that it was self-evident that they were not racist simply because of their politics? I’ve met plenty.

If that were true, why is it that it seems like the only people who thought it was funny or cool to wear blackface in the past forty years were liberals?

But I digress. Despite Democrats’ self-righteous proclamations of unparalleled tolerance, they repeatedly fail to demonstrate their so-called tolerance the most, it seems, with black Republicans. Black Republicans are called traitors to their race, Uncle Toms, and worse. Senator Tim Scott, a black Republican, knows all too well about the intolerance and racism of the left.

CNN reports that Scott “has seen an uptick in racist and profanity-laced voicemails at his office since becoming the lead Republican on police reform legislation, including from one person who called him ‘Uncle Tim.’”

“Tim Scott, my crosshairs on my rifle are going to be pointed right at your forehead and blow your black (inaudible) dumbass away,” one caller’s message said.

Senator Scott says the threats and racist remarks he gets from the left don’t bother him as much as what the Democrats did to thwart the JUSTICE Act.

No one does racism like the DemLeft.

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