Tony Bobulinski Testifies Before Oversight Committee, Calls Raskin a Liar to His Face, Dems Have Fits

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……Former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski told impeachment investigators on Wednesday that Biden is the one who is lying.

The hearing started with a bang, with Bobulinski also calling Democrats on the House Oversight Committee liars.

Democratic Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz couldn’t contain himself. “Keep going, you fool!” he said to Bobulinski, according to the Daily Mail. “You’re such a fool!”

……The hearing took place a few weeks after Hunter Biden gave a closed-door deposition before the committee in which he said his father was not involved in his business deals.

To begin his opening statement, Bobulinski gestured to the open seat next to him where Hunter, who declined the invitation to testify publicly, should have been sitting if he had the cajones to do so.

“Should I allow Hunter to give his opening statement first?” Bobulinski asked.

Bobulinski proceeded to call Joe Biden a “serial liar and fabulist.”

Not wanting to leave anyone out, he called Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, a “75-year-old man who can’t keep his lies straight.” As for Hunter, Bobulinski lambasted him as a “chronic drug addict facing two indictments.”

When Bobulinski claimed Joe Biden lied about his involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, it wasn’t mere speculation on his part. Bobulinski’s accusation was based on a meeting he had with the Bidens in 2017.

“The sole reason Hunter wanted me to meet his father was because I was the CEO of Sinohawk,” Bobulinski said, according to the Mail. Sinohawk Holdings is the China-affiliated venture Hunter later got involved with.

“If Joe Biden was not involved in his son’s business dealings … why would he take 45 minutes out of his night to sit with me … to discuss my background, the business we’re doing with the Chinese and his family’s background?”

Bobulinski also focused his attack on Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman of New York and Raskin, the ranking member of the Oversight Committee.

Raskin and Goldman, Bobulinski said, “will continue to lie today in this hearing and then go straight to the media to tell more lies.”

Democrats retaliated by attempting to take the focus of the American people off of Biden’s dubious past and put it on the evil Donald Trump and his evil Russian ally Vladimir Putin.

Congressional Dems aren’t very creative. Maybe they use the same old “get Trump” playbook because they believe their own lies, having told them so many times. Russia, Russia, Russia. Give me a break.

Bobulinski isn’t buying the lies. He’s a gutsy guy calling powerful Democrats liars to their faces. He didn’t hold back, and his bravery is to be applauded.



I watched Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski and I was struck by the common denominator between the Bidens, Clintons, and Obama; their brash hubris and blithe attitude toward ethics, law, and the Constitution.

The evidence collected from Hunter Biden’s laptop is more than enough to indict and convict Joe, Hunter, and most of the immediate family.  Hunter was operating as a bagman for the ‘Big Guy’, collecting and funneling money to his father. Federal agents know they have sufficient evidence to charge the Bidens with felonies, which they buried to protect them.  If that laptop belonged to the son of a Republican president, the liberal media conglomerate would have spent every waking minute pouring over the contents and the DOJ would have been all over it like stink on shit.
Bank records don’t lie. Biden’s home in Delaware was listed as the beneficiary address for multiple money wires from China while he was running for President in 2019. The Bidens collected at least $15 million in foreign funds from shady deals with the ChiComs and Ukraine.

They scored $31 million from five deals in China, all with individuals with direct ties to the Chinese spy apparatus.  They laundered money, peddled influence, committed tax evasion, bribery, and violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The level of corruption is off the charts.

The Bidens committed treasonous acts for money.

And there is evidence the Justice Department obstructed federal agents from pursuing evidence leading to the White House. The DOJ and the FBI work together to protect the Biden Crime Family.

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Jim Biden should be in prison.

But we know that won’t happen.  There’s one set of rules for Dems, another set of rules for everyone else.


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