Tracking the ‘Occupy’ Threat

How come Big Sis hasn’t added the ‘Occupy’  dirtbags to her domestic threat assessment?

ListenLogic is a risk and threat monitoring outfit that provides Social Business Intelligence; it helps enterprises monitor and stay ahead of  threats from social media.  In this case, threats from radical extremist groups using social media as part of their provocation of violence.

This is a threat summary of the ‘Occupy’ movement:

“Based on our tracking, the Occupy movement is now being actively influenced by the social media efforts of an increasingly diverse group of organizations. Clearly, the activists know how to use social media to provoke action, but the actions they provoke cannot be controlled. This is the greatest threat,” explained Vincent Schiavone, ListenLogic co-founder & chairman. ”While ListenLogic operates a dedicated real-time SLIC for its clients, we also feel it necessary to provide certain information to the public and to all of corporate America due to the alarming social activity we are witnessing.”

The SLIC analysis of over one million social media posts in the U.S. indicates significant increases in:

•Social media activity from Occupy supporters and activists promoting physical destruction and violent action
•Direct and specific threats from Occupy “hacktivist” groups against specific financial and law enforcement targets
•Funding and support from national labor unions including the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Transit Workers Union, United Auto Workers, and the United Federation of Teachers
•Support from community organizations, including, ACORN, and Rebuild the Dream
•Social media posts, videos and images specifically targeting an expanding list of corporate entities and the wealthy, specifically 1) all financial institutions that issue mortgages, foreclosures, and student loans and 2) all corporate entities that received bailout money or government subsidies, pay high executive salaries or bonuses, or are perceived to be paying exceedingly low taxes.

The threat assessment is accurate.

By any means necessary, especially violence.

Kill the eeeevil rich.

Nothing like a rich, fat hypocritical turd threatening the rich.

“The smart rich know they can only build the gate so high. And, sooner or later history proves that people, when they’ve had enough, aren’t going to take it anymore. And much better to deal with it nonviolently now, through the political system, than what could possibly happen in the future, which nobody wants to see.”

Arson for the revolution.

Eugene (Oregon) police on Wednesday night found a sport-utility vehicle engulfed in flames and covered with graffiti that appears to be consistent with messages of the nationwide “Occupy” movement.

The Toyota 4-Runner was found burning near the corner of 13th Avenue and Grant Street, police spokeswoman Jenna McCulley said.

Police are continuing to investigate the case. An anarchy symbol and a profanity directed toward Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy were also found scrawled on the SUV, McCulley said.

In a statement, organizers of the local “Occupy Eugene” group said today that it “would like to emphasize that we are a peaceful movement and do not condone any acts of violence, vandalism, and/or destruction of property.”

Police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin said it would be “very unfair to attribute (the incident) to one group, because the graffiti is all over the map.”

Watch what happens when the cops are forced to evict the human garbage from Zuccotti park. There’s already been hundreds of arrests due to disorderly conduct. Their “objective”, when you can locate one of them who can muster a few brain cells, is “revolution, “communism”, “socialism”, and “kill the rich”.  They’re supported by unions, the SEIU in particular, which is known for its violence, intimidation, and death threats.

As ‘Occupy’ spreads, so does the threat of violence.

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