Traitor Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty

From Fox News.

The Army private arrested in the biggest leak of classified material in U.S. history pleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges that could send him to prison for 20 years, saying he was trying to expose the American military’s “bloodlust” and disregard for human life in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You want bloodlust and disregard for human life?  The body count racked up by the practitioners of the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’ should have had the indignant little mutherfucker in convulsions a long time ago. Obviously, he has less of a problem with muzzie terrorists and their atrocities than what it takes to stop them.

Last I checked we are still at war. He thinks while the Taliban and Al Qaeda are shooting at us, planting IEDs, and killing Americans in the name of “allah” that we shouldn’t be killing them in return.

Military prosecutors said they plan to move forward with a court-martial on the 12 remaining charges against Bradley Manning, including aiding the enemy, which carries a potential life sentence.

For the first time, Manning directly admitted leaking the material to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks and detailed the frustrations that led him to do it.

“I began to become depressed at the situation we found ourselves mired in year after year. In attempting counterinsurgency operations, we became obsessed with capturing and killing human targets on lists,” the 25-year-old former intelligence analyst in Baghdad told a military judge.

The high value targets were comprised of assholes like Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, and the hundreds of Al Qaeda cells who trained in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran prior to infiltrating into Iraq. Manning should have put more effort into reading the intel about the enemy instead of plotting to leak classified documents to the world.

He added: “I wanted the public to know that not everyone living in Iraq were targets to be neutralized.”

I’d have neutralized all of them, sweetpea.

……As for the sensitive State Department cables, he said they “documented backdoor deals and criminality that didn’t reflect the so-called leader of the free world.””I thought these cables were a prime example of the need for a more open diplomacy,” Manning said. “I believed that these cables would not damage the United States. However, I believed these cables would be embarrassing.”

Manning didn’t leak classified documents for any noble purpose, he did it because he’s a fucking problem child who was ‘disgusted’ with his commanders and U.S. ”society at large”.

His act of treason compromised Intel sources and exposed information that damaged U.S. security.  He also endangered the very Afghans with whom he claimed to sympathize.

Manning is no principled “whistle blower”; he’s an egotistical attention whore, who took it upon himself to selectively divulge information—including about 260,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables—that can and certainly will benefit our enemies.

This cockholster violated his security clearance, his oath of service, and the trust placed in him by his country and the United States Army.  In a perfect world, he’d be taken out and shot.


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  1. John Egbert

    Re your last sentence: there aren’t enough AR-15-type platforms in the world to satisfy the numbers of volunteers (me included) for this small job of treason eradication. How could anyone pick just six?

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