Trannies Exempt From Army Physical Fitness Standards

Fucking embarrassing.
I am so glad I retired before Obama, Biden, Austin and Milley made the Army into laughable mush.

Hot Air

Diversity is our strength. Except, apparently, the more diversity the military seeks, the less strength it requires.

That seems to be the lesson of the Army’s physical fitness standards, which do not apply to people who are getting “gender-affirming” care.

One of the shibboleths of the Left is the claim that increasing the acceptance of “gender-diverse” individuals into the military merely extends the same opportunities to transgender folks as those afforded to people who identify with their natal sex (man, finding the right words is impossible when discussing these issues!).

Combine this idea with the claim that “diversity is our strength,” and you are led to believe that the military will be improved by expanding opportunities to transgender applicants.

Yeah, right. Even the Army doesn’t believe that, and they are the ones saying it.

Notice that Maj. Rachel Jones is a bit…fat? Yeah, well, there is a reason for that.

Jones doesn’t have to meet physical fitness standards that apply to everybody else in the Army. Fancy that.



……“Diversity is our strength” seems the opposite of the truth, at least as the military seeks to achieve it.

One of the lies we are being told, relentlessly, is that when the military makes efforts to expand the types of people admitted into the services the standards applied will remain the same. This has been clearly false forever.

Forget combat readiness. Drag shows, trannies, anti-White bigotry, and bizarre “diversity” policies have replaced warrior ethos. With the “woke” bullshit infecting the military armed forces will soon be depleted of anyone capable or willing to fight.  The Biden regime and the current crop of proglodytes in the E Ring are hellbent on pushing an agenda that turns the military into mush. Meanwhile,  the ChiComs are usurping America’s role as the world’s superpower.
The Pentagon has begun recruiting illegals who were brought to the U.S. as children to help with the troop shortages. The Army has also reportedly eliminated its policy requiring recruits to have a high school diploma or GED certificates.

With all the shit being imposed from allowing trannies to serve to the crackdown of patriotism and free speech, there is no fucking way I would recommend the military to any person looking to enlist.

According to the White House hijacker, servicemembers are just a discharge away from being “white supremacists”.  Soldiers are subjected to “white privilege” briefings and watching their Commanders kiss muzzie ass over “disrespect to the Quran”.  A DOD employee sent out an email declaring MAGA to be “white supremacy” and an Army Lieutenant Colonel at Ft. Campbell sent out an email accusing Christians and patriots of being “hate groups”.

Our enemies are laughing their asses off.

God help us if we get into another full-scale war.


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