Trannies Gone Wild: Iowa School Shooter Identified as ‘Trans Activist’

Unhinged tranny activist Dylan Butler, age 17, opened fire inside the Perry High School, which he attended.

He posted this photo before the shooting from the school bathroom.


Daily Mail

The teenage Iowa school shooter – who killed one child and injured five others, including his principal – turned the gun on himself after his rampage, cops said.

Dylan Butler, 17, who was a senior at Perry High School, opened fire on Thursday morning – shooting dead a sixth grader who attended Perry’s Middle School.

Butler was armed with a pump-action shotgun and handgun – both of which are illegal for a 17-year-old to obtain in Iowa. He also had a rudimentary explosive device – which was undetonated and was later rendered safe by fire marshals.

The 17-year-old died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound by the time first responders arrived at the school, shortly after 7.40am. The ordeal triggered a mass evacuation of 1,785 students on their first day of classes after winter break.  Cops have yet to provide a possible motive.

One of the five people injured was the school’s principal, Dan Marburger, who was rushed to hospital and is currently in surgery for his gunshot wounds.

The other four people injured were students. Of the five, one is in critical condition – although police did not confirm if this was the principal or a student.

Hours before the shooting took place at 7:37 am, Butler posted a TikTok posing in what appeared to be the school bathroom, with the caption: ‘Now we wait.’

The senior pulled an odd face, as a blue duffle bag sat on the ground of the stall.



Gateway Pundit

As the Gateway Pundit reported, multiple people were shot by a crazed gunman in a small Iowa town Thursday. Now, the suspect responsible for this evil act has been identified and social media is panicking.

Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante said during an earlier press conference at least three people were injured during the attack at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa. These include two students and an administrator.

This number has since increased to six total victims, including four students. A sixth grader was killed in the attack.

……Butler appears to be a devoted leftist LGBTQ activist, as seen in his Reddit account, Dylanpickle1996, and on TikTok. The gay and trans pride flags are featured. Note he also has the hashtag #genderfluid in one of his posts. It has not been confirmed whether he identifies this way or is merely an “ally.”




They’re so traumatized by their own gender dysphoria and mental illness, they have to kill innocent people. The only small consolation is the tranny took his own life. He should have done that before he decided to show up at the school.



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