Trump Administration Would be Okay to Release the Memo That Proves Obama Used Surveillance to Spy on Members of the 2016 Trump Campaign

Via Western Journal

The Trump administration said that they would be okay to release the memorandum that allegedly proves the Obama administration used surveillance warrants to spy on members of the 2016 Trump campaign.

In fact, according to deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley, the White House does not have to approve the release of the memo assembled in the House of Representatives.

“We don’t have to approve it. They have the right to declassify the document,” deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told WMAL Wednesday.

The four-page document was assembled by Rep. Devin Nunes and claims that the Obama administration took advantage of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to target the Trump campaign….

……200 House Republicans have read the document within a secure facility at the Capitol, and many have described its contents on Twitter and to news organizations.

…….Rep. Steve King said the conclusions are “worse than Watergate.”

The document “is so alarming the American people have to see this,” Rep. Jim Jordan said.

The main allegation…is that the Obama administration used surveillance tools against the Trump campaign and the Russia probe is a “politically motivated investigation.”

It is currently only available to members of Congress, and Republicans are looking to declassify the document so it can be released to the public.

……“The FBI has requested to receive a copy of the memo in order to evaluate the information and take appropriate steps,” FBI spokesman Andrew Ames said. “To date, the request has been declined.”

I would tell the FBI to take a flying fucking leap.  Comey may have been fired, but the hierarchy, especially Andrew McCabe, is still corrupt as hell.

McCabe wasn’t just privy to the conversation between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page when they discussed an ‘insurance policy,’ against a Trump presidency, he was part of it.

The FISA court gave Obama permission to wiretap Trump in October under the guise of national security.  Obama did that in case Trump was elected, so he could use whatever eavesdropping he compiled to undermine the Trump administration.  He pulled an end-around and basically lied to FISA in order to get the permission to wiretap.  Mary Anna Marsh, principal of the Dewey Square Group, a Democrat PR firm, stated quite clearly that the Obama regime had been snooping on Trump since 2015, and it was widely known.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice played a major role in unmasking the identities of U.S. persons in intelligence reports connected to the Trump campaign.

James Comey’s FBI routinely engaged in illegally sharing raw intelligence with unauthorized third parties and accessed intercepted attorney-client privileged communications without proper oversight.  He also shared classified memos with a Columbia University professor—his friend who is now his attorney.

Over eight years of his regime, Obama was pretty prolific with the wiretaps.

An unsealed court ruling shows that Obama’s FBI, DOJ, and FISA searches were illegal and illegally given to government outsiders.

There was all out sedition on part of the FBI leadership and the Obama regime to undermine the election and overthrow Donald Trump if he became president.

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