Trump Foreign Policy Support of Israel: Real Leadership vs Obama’s Flaccid Kowtowing

What a contrast to Obama’s 8-year string of apology tours, execrable treatment of allies, pandering to enemies, and habit of ingratiating himself before the U.N.

President Trump took the bold stance of officially recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.  Immediately, muzzie and liberal heads exploded.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., brought down the hammer in no uncertain terms:

Via the Independent Journal Review:

“The United States’ recognition of the obvious, that Jerusalem is the capital and seat of the modern Israeli government, is too much for some. First, some have threatened violence on the street, as if violence would somehow improve the prospect of peace. Now today, buried in diplomatic jargon, some presume to tell America where to put our embassy. The United States has a sovereign right to determine where and whether we establish an embassy. …


Finally, after eight years of Barky’s despicable treatment of Israel, we have a President that recognizes the importance of maintaining relations with America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East.



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