Trump Still Cleaning House, Fires IG Who Allowed Hearsay Allegations and Targeted Innocent Americans



Via Washington Times

President Trump on Friday night fired Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community who had deemed “urgent” a whistleblower’s complaint about the president’s actions on aid to Ukraine.

In a letter to the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, the president said “it is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as inspectors general.”

“That is no longer the case with regard to this inspector general,” Mr. Trump said.

……Atkinson received the whistleblower’s complaint alleging that the president had abused his power in soliciting help from Ukraine to undermine Democratic presidential front-runner Joseph R. Biden.

Biden’s son, Hunter, had obtained lucrative work at a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was serving as vice president, getting paid $3 million.

Atkinson conducted an initial investigation and found the whistleblower’s complaint was “credible” and “urgent,” a decision that started a chain of events leading to Mr. Trump’s impeachment by House Democrats in December 2019. The president denied he had done anything wrong and called it another “witch hunt” by Democrats.


The “whistleblower” in question is Eric Ciaramella, a former CIA analyst who was fired in June 2017 for malicious leaks to the media, and who discussed a coup d’ etat against President Trump with Dem operative, Alex Vindman.

Atkinson also supervised the FBI miscreant Kevin Clinesmith and his lover Sally Moyer ,who altered the FISA warrant.

BTW: Atkinson’s wife is connected to Fusion GPS.  GPS  played a major role in concocting the fake dossier and it was involved with a pro-Russian lobbying campaign.

President Trump should purge the White House, the FBI, CIA, and DOJ, of every last piece of leftover Obama excrement.



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