TSA Public Relations for Islamic Terrorists: Hire a Muslim as ‘Security Advisor’

What’s next?  A slot for Ayman Al Zawahri?

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Nawar Shora, the legal director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, has sparred with the federal government over what he saw as security abuses against minorities. Now, he is joining the Transportation Security Administration as a senior adviser for its office of civil rights and liberties.

Shora, 33, said the move next month to the Department of Homeland Security will back up what he has been telling summer interns for a decade as he urged them to enter federal service.

“I’m finally practicing what I preach,” said Shora, a self-described “Arab country boy” who was born in Syria and raised in Huntington, W.Va. “It’s about time I cross over to the government and start working within the system. That’s the beauty of our society: Anybody can work with the government.”

The term “destroy from within” comes to mind.

U.S. law enforcement agencies have confronted a growing number of incidents since 2009 involving violent “homegrown” extremists and cases in which overseas terrorist groups have recruited and trained Americans. Separately, vulnerabilities in international aviation security were exposed in the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, an alleged al-Qaeda operative from Nigeria charged with trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.

In January, the TSA heightened security measures for travelers who are from — or traveling through — 13 predominantly Muslim countries, plus Cuba. Those procedures drew criticism from Arab, Muslim and South Asian civil liberties groups, which said the measures were too broad.

“Complaints are going to come in fast and furious” from Americans visiting those countries during the upcoming peak summer travel months, said James Zogby, founder of the Arab-American Institute and a longtime Washington civil rights advocate. “I know no one better equipped to handle them than Nawar.”

What this means is a homegrown Islamic extremist gets to oversee security methods meant to snag terrorists coming through our airports. Common sense has been trumped by political correctness and fear of accusations of “discrimination”. Oh gawd forbid we should target the very element that wants us all dead; muslim terrorists. That’s the common denominator, regardless of their point of origin.
“Minorities” are defined as people other than native-born white Americans. Arabs can attack innocent American citizens with bombs and passenger-filled planes, but when they arrive here, they are granted special rights.
Shora belongs to the same culture who kills Christians and Jews in the name of allah, then proudly call themselves Arab/muslims.

As with the other radical Obama administration appointees and department heads, this is a reflection of a suicidal policy.

We’re fucked.

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