Tsarnaev’s Parents Support Their Sons’ Jihad

All in the family.

Their father, Anzor Tsarnaev:

“They never could have done this. Never, ever, ever!”…

He also said that he believes that his sons were set up, and without going into specifics, he said that if his younger son was killed once he is found, then he would see it as proof that there was a conspiracy afoot.

‘If they killed him, then all hell would break loose’

‘If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame.’

Their mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, is a real zealot for Islam:

“If they are going to kill him. I don’t care. My oldest son is killed, so I don’t care. I don’t care is my youngest son is going to be killed today. I want the world to hear this. And, I don’t care if I am going to get killed too. And I will say Allahu Akbar!“

Here’s a picture of a smiling Dzhokar after he left the bomb right by 8 year old Martin Richard, who was killed by the blast:

Moments from death: This chilling image shows one of the Boston bomb suspects standing right behind eight-year-old victim Martin Richard (ringed, left) moments before the explosion

More pictures and videos at the link, which track the Tsarnaev’s movements and actions through the crowd.

“Allah U Akbar”…

Is the motive clear to you leftards, now?

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