Tucker Carlson: The Republican Party Really Doesn’t Like Its Voters

I have voted Republican since 1980 and stuck with the GOP through thick and thin.  No longer. I am declaring myself Independent of political parties and the entrenched SWAMP rats who run them.  After watching Republicans jump into the pigsty with the DemLeft in condemning President Trump for the storming of the Capital and literally fleeing the White House right before 20 January 2021, I can no longer tolerate their cowardly bullshit.

From Tucker Carlson Tonight 7 January 2021

The main problem, and this really is the main problem on the right, is that the people who run the Republican Party don’t really like their own voters. They especially don’t want the voters that Trump brought. Trump brought a noticeably downscale element to the party’s ranks, and this horrifies them.

Many Republicans in Washington now despise the people they’re supposed to represent and protect. In fact, it’s not just Republican leaders who feel this way, but our entire leadership class. You rarely hear it spoken out loud, but it’s the truth.

A very specific form of internal loathing is at the core of the reaction to Donald Trump. Nothing is more repulsive to socially anxious White professionals than working class people who look like them. The proles are their single greatest fear. They remind them of where they may have come from or where they could be going if things turn south.

So if you want to understand the hatred — not just disagreement, but gut-level loathing and fear of Trump in, say, New York or Washington or Los Angeles — you’ve got to understand that first. It’s not really Trump, it’s his voters. The new money class despises them.

Trump didn’t despise them, and that really was his secret. In the end, Donald Trump did not judge his own voters. Trump ate McDonald’s and his voters were very grateful for it. You’d be grateful for it, too, if everyone else hated you.

Thirteen days from now, tens of millions of these voters will not have Donald Trump to protect them. They won’t have anyone. And unless the Republican Party decides to wake up and push back against the lies and acknowledge the purpose of those lies, which is an unprecedented crackdown on the way you live, you have no chance, either.


Proof of the disdain Carlson spoke of is demonstrated by the likes of Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)  who likened President Donald Trump to a “cult leader.” “Cult leader”? Is that what RINOs call a president who liked and respected his supporters? Screw Kinzinger. He’s a good example of what’s wrong with the GOP.

The GOP is feeling the wrath of people who are fed up with their reprehensible, disloyal behavior. They have shown complete disdain for their constituents and they’re mistaken if they think we’ll put up with it:


This is how RINO Mitt Romney was greeted on a plane:


We elected President Trump because he’s successful, exuberant, brash, confident, thinks outside the box, and goes against the grain of the Swamp status quo.  He reversed the damage Barky Obama did to this country and accomplished more positive improvements to the economy, foreign policy, and national security during his term in office than all the previous White House occupants since Ronald Reagan.

And the Dems hate him for it.  So do the RINOs and self-described “never Trumpers”.

Back in 2015, I wrote this:

There’s a reason why groups like the Tea Party were created and gained influence and momentum. You have abandoned the principles in the United States Constitution of limited government and fiscal restraint.  We are now saddled with an $18 trillion debt and you’re allowing Obama to add more by raising the debt limit. Are you nuts? Every time the government gets a debt limit increase, it’s like giving crack to an addict. It’s a green light to spend this country further into an abyss.

You vilifyinsult, and denigrate faithful grassroots Republicans and Tea Party Patriots for holding you accountable and demanding that you fulfill the promises you made. We expect that kind of filth from LeftProg Dems; not from you. The majority of the seats gained by the GOP in the House in 2010, was due in large part to the Tea Party movement; a fact that escapes your selective memories. We also had considerable influence in the 2014 mid-terms.

Instead of backing Republicans who have strong Tea Party values, you abandoned them and allowed their DemLeft opponents to win elections. Instead of doing what you were elected to do, you cave into the petty little tyrant in the White House and his tools in the Democratic Party.

We need to purge our ranks of dead weight and boot them across the aisle. Excommunicate them from the GOP.  Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Chris Christie (R-NJ),  Jeff Flake (R-AZ), John McCain (R-AZ), John Kasich (R-OH) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are just some of the slugs who fit that category. We’re fed up with RINOs,  illegal alien panderers, and business as usual bureaucrats who fail to back up their avowed commitments, opting instead to make excuses for their failure.

Speaking of dead weight, John Boehner, whom I’m ashamed to admit is from my home state of Ohio, is a shameful pussy.  His collusion with Dems has helped increase the debt by $3,8 trillion in 3 years. He should not be Speaker of the House.

……Keep in contact with your constituents; not just by email, newsletters, and press releases. Get back to your neighborhoods on a regular basis. Have the guts to walk into a pub, an American Legion, a VFW, or even a grocery store, and get feedback on your performance.

Last but not least, return to the principles laid out by our founders in the Constitution.  Americans, by nature, are rebels. That’s what defines us. We don’t like Kings, Queens, or self-appointed Emperors. We fought for independence against a monarchy. We believe in the balance of power, not the concentration of it.

Keep your attitudes, arrogance, and use of power in check. Remember you work for us, not the other way around.


It’s gotten worse since then.

One of the most glaring examples of GOP pusillanimity was when Trey Gowdy didn’t support the idea of impeaching Obama for his crimes because it would succeed in elevating Biden to the Oval Office.  If the Republicans had defended President Trump and fought back against the Dem reprobates, Biden wouldn’t be poised to inflict another Obamaesque nightmare on the country.

The worst thing about the asshole politicians in Congress is their longevity; they occupy office way too long and inflict damage over an inordinate amount of time.  The legislature will never pass term limits for themselves and the American public doesn’t have the brains to raise hell about it.

The GOP had only a few Senators and Congressman that were worth a shit, now there are none.  I have friends who always say “None of the politicians are any good; they’re ALL corrupt.”  I now share that cynical viewpoint. It took 40 years, but I’m finally convinced.


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