Twitter Files, Part VII: The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop

The lengths to which the FBI went to manipulate, lie, cover up and infiltrate public information forums to control the narrative for the Bidens is unprecedented. Christopher Wray, James Baker, and all the rest of the FBI operatives who committed these crimes should be indicted for election interference and violation of intelligence oversight laws.

Via Michael Shellenberger


Sworn declaration, HERE.





Link to briefing, HERE.



In case you missed it in Shellenberger’s thread, the FBI pressured Twitter to reveal private users information.


There’s a sizable representation of government operatives in social media censorship and public control of information.

Big Tech social media and the FBI collaborated to control information and disappear anything they didn’t like. Election fraudBiden’s corruption, the Hunter Biden laptop, and Fauci’s malfeasance were all subject to the kind of suppression found in communist China.

The FBI has a lengthy history of corruption.

One of the top priorities of the incoming GOP House majority should be dragging Christopher Wray’s sorry ass before Congress and drilling him over the FBI’s unlawful, unconstitutional abuse of power. After that, he should be removed and indicted.


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