Two Federal Judges Bitch Slap Mueller’s ‘Special Counsel’

It’s not a legitimate prosecution. It’s a political persecution and the judges know it.

From BizPac Review

Special Counsel Robert Mueller had a really bad day Friday when a federal judge in Virginia sharply challenged his case against Paul Manafort, suggesting that Mueller overstepped his authority in a quest to topple President Donald Trump from office.

Judge T. S. Ellis III said prosecutors had pursued fraud charges against Manafort in hopes of gaining evidence to incriminate the president, according to The New York Times.

You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud,” said Ellis, who reportedly lost his temper at times. “You really care about getting information that Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Trump and lead to his prosecution or impeachment or whatever.”

Ellis said the charges against Manafort “manifestly don’t have anything to do with the campaign or with Russian collusion,” and that Mueller may be overstepping his authority to “tighten the screws” on Manafort so he’ll give up the goods on Trump, The Times reported.

“I don’t see what relation this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” he said, according to the transcripts. “What we don’t want in this country is we don’t want anyone with unfettered power.”

If that doesn’t convince you how bad a day it was for Mueller, then take the word of Fox News senior news correspondent Brit Hume, a widely respected journalist, who took to social media to offer his analysis after reading the transcript from Friday’s hearing.

“I did not realize until I read the full transcript of Friday’s court hearing how badly it went for the Mueller team, which was reduced to arguing: yeah, we violated the regulations governing special counsels but those regs are not enforceable in court,” Hume tweeted, linking to those transcripts.

More from BizPac Review:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s week just keeps getting worse. First a federal judge chewed his team out Friday for lying about the scope of its investigation and seeking “unfettered power.”

The same afternoon, Mueller’s team practically begged another federal judge to delay court proceedings in its case against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities who allegedly interfered in the 2016 presidential election. That judge basically said, “No!’

In an order issued Saturday, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich specifically denied a request by Mueller’s office to delay its first hearing in the Russian indictment case, offering no reason for her decision, according to Politico.

Talk about the hard knock life for poor ol’ Mueller. Sad!

……Last month a team of Washington lawyers reportedly appeared out of nowhere and notified the court that they represent Concord Management and Consulting, one of the companies targeted by Mueller.

The move was reportedly designed “to force Mueller’s team to turn over relevant evidence to the Russian firm and perhaps even to bait prosecutors into an embarrassing dismissal in order to avoid disclosing sensitive information.”

And apparently the move worked like a charm, since Mueller’s team quickly filed a delay request in a desperate bid to avoid handing over sensitive documents.

Instead of just admitting the real motivation behind their request, however, Mueller’s hotshots tried to spin a yarn about how they were worried that Concord Management had not yet been served its court papers.

Mueller has yet to investigate any real crimes, i.e.:  The millions of dollars Hillary’s Clinton Foundation received from Russians connected to the Uranium One deal.  Come to think of it Mueller’s right hand man, Andrew Weissmann, signed off on the plea deal of a Russian businessman involved in the Clinton-Uranium One case.

The ‘Russian-Trump collusion’ bullshit pushed by Mueller and the Dems is a big fat nothing burger.

The real collusion was a concerted effort between the DNC lobbyists, Russia, and the Obama cabal.   The media, the FBI, James Comey, the Hillary campaign, a reprobate former MI6 agent, and the Obama regime all had a hand in producing and paying for this lurid, fabricated story.

They really did not believe Trump would win the election, and after he did, they put their “insurance policy” into place in collusion with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, which included the fake dossier.


political donations by Mueller's special council

Mueller and his ‘special counsel’ need to be investigated.

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