Two More U.S. Border Agents Murdered

Thanks Obama, you asshole.

Hat tip to Pajamas Media.

Details released to the media have been minimal so far: a Border Patrol unit that was dispatched to check an alarm triggered by a ground sensor east of Bisbee, Arizona, came under fire shortly after 1:30 a.m. in what appears to have been a hasty ambush.

Three agents were part of the patrol. One agent, Nicholas Ivie, a married father of two, was killed at the scene:

“Capas said the agents reported over the radio that they had come under fire as they were following a trail into the area. Earlier reports from authorities stated erroneously that they were on horseback.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Victor Brabble confirmed the name of the deceased agent is Nicholas Ivie.

When deputies arrived, one of the agents had died and another suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries, she said.

No suspects were in custody, and Capas she could provide any details on the shooters including how many there were, or what they were doing in the area.”

A second agent was seriously wounded but did not have life-threatening injuries. He was transported out of the area via helicopter and was in stable condition at a local hospital. The agents who were attacked were assigned to Brian Terry Station — an outpost dedicated just weeks ago in honor of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, the first publicly known victim of Operation Fast and Furious.

We do not know if the Border Patrol agents were able to return fire, and if they did, if there was any evidence that the attackers were wounded. It does not yet appear that authorities have the identities of any suspects.

The area of the wilderness where the shooting took place, seven miles east of Bisbee and south of U.S. 80, is an area known as the Mule Mountains. It is just north of the Mexican border. The terrain in the Mule Mountains is typical of the Arizona border areas, where cartels use rugged terrain to mask their movements, and resembles the Peck Canyon area where Brian Terry was killed as his BORTAC team attempted to capture a cartel rip crew. Documentary filmmaker Fleming “Tex” Fuller has been working on a documentary about the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious gunwalking plot, and recently released a trailer that shows the brutal terrain where Agent Terry gave up his life.

Wanna bet those weapons used by the Mexican thugs in this latest murder are part of Obama’s Fast and Furious disaster?

How many more crimes and murders have to happen before the Congress stops fucking around and goes after Holder and Obama?   Hearings are nothing short of a dog and pony show.  This requires subpoenas, warrants, and prosecutions.


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