Two of the Muzzie Terrorists Who Killed 12 at Charlie Hebdo Office ID’d

Paging moonbat Howard Dean. Surprise. They have connections to Al Qaeda.

The search reportedly has shifted to a 51-square-mile dense forest that is described as being ‘larger than Paris,’ where police are swarming after the two allegedly robbed a gas station earlier.

From Fox News.

Cherif Kouachi, (left), and Said Kouachi, (right), are the shitbags on the run.

……While there have been no credible claims for Wednesday’s deadly Islamist massacre at a Paris satirical magazine, the more investigators learn about the two brothers suspected in the attack that killed 12 people — and their long-standing ties to known jihadists and the commando-style raid — the prevailing view is that there is a connection to a foreign terrorist organization, US officials tell Fox News.
……U.S. officials confirm to Fox News that brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi were known to French intelligence, and that Cherif was convicted of funneling young French jihadists to Iraq, and is a follower of the then-leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Investigators are drilling down on the brother’s contacts — focusing on overseas travel, with a significant interest in Yemen.


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